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now I got it working to keep my working hours under control: I removed all regular working hours and synced the personal calendar with a Google specific calendar which I can update from iCal. But then: there are calendar times and schedules remaining I cannot get rid of. Some are pointing to an obsolete calendar. How can I get rid of those? I deleted them in the Publish & Subscribe section, but they still show up.
Update: I deleted the resource and added a new one. Then I assigned the Google calendar to this resource (web calendar), which worked well - but the dates I deleted in the calendar were not deleted in OP. Even after updating OP sticked to the regular calendar settings.
Looks like a sync problem.

Last edited by tbo; 2011-11-08 at 11:47 PM.. Reason: Update
I'm experiencing the consequences of this problem and the issues discussed at

Feeling my way with setting up sync with my iCal calendars to indicate "off hours" I found that all-day events (such as family birthdays) are resulting in whole days being blocked off as unavailable. Despite having removed the subscription to the calendar concerned, all the exceptions remain in the resource calendar in OP with no obvious way to delete them. Worse still they are automatically inherited if you try to circumvent the problem by creating a new resource...

Help please! Currently my plans are unusable!
From your description is sounds like you created an action to "Subscribe to iCal calendar: X" and imported the events as Off Hours into your Project schedule.

You're absolutely right, it's a total pain to find those exceptions and delete them. They're already imported to the file so getting rid of your subscription doesn't help.

At the moment the only UI for this is to go to the calendar, make sure no resource is selected so that you're viewing the project schedule, click on the "Extra & Off Hours" segment in the lower left, and scrub the project for exceptions one week at a time. Days with exceptions change from green to blue in the small calendar down in the corner, so it doesn't take long to scrub through a whole year. You can select the calendar blocks you need to get right of and delete them w/ the delete key, or get rid of all exception for the week by clicking the (x) in the upper right where it will say "Customized from project's normal work week".

That said, if you delete these subscriptions, or delete or move events from the subscribed calendars and update, the schedule exceptions should be updated to match. Sounds like we ought to re-test that?


Hi all, I did some testing around this area and I am not seeing the problem that you described.

Here's what I did:
1. Set up a new google calendar
2. Added an event to Tomorrow morning
3. In google calendar, I made the calendar public and copied the .ics URL
4. In OmniPlan, set up a subscription to "offtime/overtime from web calendar" using that URL and asked it to use the Google Calendar events as off hours in the Project's calendar
5. Saved and Updated in OmniPlan
--> At this point, in the calendar view I saw a red dotted-lined block of off hours where that Google event was.

6. I deleted the google event and Updated OmniPlan again
--> The red block went away.

7. I pressed Undo on google's website and updated OmniPlan again.
--> The red block came back.

8. I removed the publish/subscribe action from OmniPlan entirely
--> The red block went away again.

I know tom did a similar test going straight to iCal, and had the same results. Can you post what, if anything, you're doing differently? Also, double check that you're up to date with version 2.0.2.

Joel R
I tested it as Tom suggested. The problem is for me that those calendars are shown with dashed lines around them so I cannot delete them.
I have messed around with that when trying the same thing months ago already. Since I recently rearranged my Google calendar, and integrated it into iCal, I am now able to move working hours around straight from iCal without making it public in the first place. But for cleaning up, I want to get rid of those old blocks in OP.
It would make sense to me if I had deleted all Normal Hours for the resource assigned some tasks and then trying to delete extra hours (some sort of warning would show up: "This resource has tasks assigned to it. All assigned tasks will be unassigned."). But is not the case. I deleted the subscribed calendar from the menu - and the blocks are still shown for the task (with a dashed line around it).

Last edited by tbo; 2011-11-10 at 10:02 PM.. Reason: Typo and additions
I got it working: I moved my Google Calendar events to iCal and subscribed from there: Boom!
Thanks for all the support!

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