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I think it's worth the $80. But then I'm used to paying for Office, Photoshop etc.... As for what I paid, I was in fairly early in the alpha and gave quite a bit of feedback, so I was happy to accept Omni saying "thanks" by getting the early adopter discount (and grateful to them for doing that!). Also, as an earlier poster said, I was putting my cash on the line early. For those reasons I agree that discounted purchasers should still get a say. :)
It is a little funny, because after posting that I thought it was too expensive (still kinda do) I went and bought the $99 CD set from David Allen on the Weekly Review.

Hey, it is only $33 a CD! :)

We've already sold over 17,000 copies of OmniFocus, which suggests that the market in general doesn't feel that it's an overpriced product. (OmniFocus sells more copies each week than any of our other products do.)

While the fundamentals of OmniFocus are quite simple (capture, plan, and act), it takes a lot of work to get all the details right: our team worked on version 1.0 for 18 months. Also, your purchase doesn't stop with what we've already delivered: we've already planned out versions 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1, and 1.2—all of which will be free updates for anyone who has purchased 1.0.

So, to those of you who feel it's too expensive now: sorry, unless it's free there will always be some people out there who think it's too expensive. I think if you really weigh the benefits of OmniFocus you'll find it's well worth the investment. (If you were to pay for it in installments over the course of a year, it would cost just $6.67 per month!)

And to the 17,000+ of you who've already purchased OmniFocus: thank you!

Last edited by Ken Case; 2008-02-12 at 08:41 AM..
You have pulled in over a MILLION dollars on OmniFocus? (17,000 x $60)?

WOW! Congratulations. That is really something.

Keep up the good work and can't wait for 1.0.2, 1.1 and 1.2 as well as OmniFocus iPhone Edition! :)

Woops, sorry, that 17,000+ figure was not actually all that useful for the purposes of this discussion, since that number included the 13,590 pre-orders which we sold at a 50% discount. The more relevant number for this discussion is the 3,475 licenses which have been sold since that discount ended—which is also a number that we're quite happy with.
I've mentioned to Ken before a gripe I had with pricing on another OG app, so it's not like I'm an OG apologist. Having followed their products for several years now, as well as the products of many other developers, the OG is a little more on the ball and offers much more support, product longevity and feature additions to a given product than the majority of other developers.

To put it another way, other companies would more likely charge $50 for v.1, then release a v.2 10 months later for a $30 upgrade charge. They might issue a few bug fixes to v.1, but the OG tends to offer more than that.

I'm also somewhat ignoring OmniWeb for my comments here. It's been a really long time since the last paid update but it also doesn't seem to get the same level of care the other apps do. (Probably because it's in a tougher market.)

An example that I'm dealing with today (waiting to hear back from support) from another company, is a piece of software I bought last year that was advertised as working with Leopard. When the release of Leopard was pushed back due to the iPhone, the company ended up releasing a new version (only 11 months after the previous one) before Leopard shipped. Now they have failed to deliver on Leopard compatibility like they had advertised for the version I bought.
I didn't buy OF in the trial period because I felt that it was the wrong application for me. It just didn't gel with me.

I bought it after the release date because I had to do some time management lessons for a group of colleagues and due to my job I got OF with educational discount. I wasn't sure if I would be entitled to the edu discount. OG said yes, but if they had have said no I would have walked away. It's not that it is too expensive, it is that it is more than I would be willing to pay.

In the end I have decided that the app is just too cluttered to explain time management in a GTD stylee to my colleagues on my 12" PowerBook so I will do it in the shape of index cards and Actiontastic.

I am really trying to love OF, but it is a hard app to love.

When I look at OmniGraffle I think completely differently. It produces stunning flowcharts simply and whilst my Windoze PC loving colleagues struggle with organisation charts in Wurd 2000, or the "lucky" ones get to use Visio, OmniGraffle stands head and shoulders above the rest.

OmniGraffle blows me away as much as OmniFocus doesn't.
Another comment on pricing...

FileMaker has just come out with Bento, a "personal database" program for $49. That seemed great to me! I even tried the trial version but didn't get into it deeply. As it turns out, if you read the Bento forum every day, you'll find that Bento really is quite limited. It can't even print address labels! The list of "can't do's" is quite long at this point.

OF costs a little more, but it does work and has some depth to it. I guess the price seems to be in the right ball park, but I have to admit, $49 apps are like eating M&Ms, so easy to down a bunch of them before you get that belly ache.

Last edited by pvonk; 2008-02-14 at 02:23 AM..
For teaching GTD principles one-on-one or in small groups, I would almost always go the paper route. Get the methodology down first, and then it is time to talk automation.

This is the challenge that Omni is facing with new OF users that are not already familiar with GTD. I'd guess that 90% of the "missing" feature requests that we see in this forum are due to this problem. Hopefully they have a plan to address this . . .
Omnifocus isn't cheap, but if you really need it, really use it, worth every penny. It's all subjective. I think photoshop is outrageously expensive. Someone that does graphics work every day might disagree. For someone that doesn't live in omnifocus, or simply need a todo list, 80 bucks might seem high. For me, it's not even a question. Add to that omni's support and I'd pay 100 bucks (though I'm glad to pay only 80).

Originally Posted by Dogsbreath View Post
In the end I have decided that the app is just too cluttered to explain time management in a GTD stylee to my colleagues on my 12" PowerBook so I will do it in the shape of index cards and Actiontastic.

I am really trying to love OF, but it is a hard app to love.
Well, everyone's different, but with 17,000 sold I'd say it's quite easy to love. On the other hand, you'd have to pay me to use actiontastic.

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