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I have to admit, I am dissapointed by the price. $100 for the combo is a lot of money for what is a glorified to-do list. $20 is a lot for this app, compare it to the other prices of app's in the store. Because I paid $80 for the original app, I will have to get it to not let this go to waste but in the future I can't see myself buying Omni products. I know Omni said due to pricing on the iTunes store they can't give discounts based on existing license codes so I tell you a solution, send us all iTunes vouchers and I'll be happy.

I will be keeping my eye on Cultured Codes' Things App, when OF is due for an upgrade I won't be parting with my cash, I will be waving goodbye.

Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
Anjan, did you note that Things is also charging $19.99 for their iPhone app (which currently doesn't synchronize with their desktop app, unlike OmniFocus)? I think $19.99 is a very reasonable price for an iPhone productivity app, certainly much less expensive than apps in the same space on the BlackBerry or Palm or Windows Mobile platforms. (The average price of the top five best selling BlackBerry To Do applications is over $35.)
Over here (Germany/Europe) OmniFocus is 16 Euros while Things is 8 Euros. I immediatly bought OF, but this is clearly the only app I pay more then ten bucks for. Friends who want a todo list app on their iTouch (and are willing to pay) and didn't used OF in the past all bought or intend to buy Things …
Didn't you guys notice this on the Things blog post? "As a courtesy to our avid Things users we decided to start at an introductory price of $9.99. Take advantage of it now, it won’t last for long." I haven't looked up the info myself to confirm, but from what Ken said above, its final price will be the same as OmniFocus for the iPhone. Intro promotions and discounts aside (e.g. as a OO Pro owner I get OF for $60) that brings the ultimate price difference between OmniFocus and Things to just $30. OmniFocus has substantially more features than Things, and is notably further along in development and stability, so $30 is reasonable.

To the person who suggested OmniFocus is just a "glorified to do list"... I think you missed the point (both of OF and possibly even GTD as a whole), and you do not have any conception of the work and thought that goes into an app like this.

Anyhow, I gotta go finish this letter I'm writing to Apple. My MacBook Pro cost more than my friend's Dell, so I'm telling Apple that they ought to be sending me a free gift card or a discount or something ;)

(note I'm not putting down Things at all... it is a great application as well)

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Originally Posted by Craigc0299 View Post
I have to admit, I am dissapointed by the price. $100 for the combo is a lot of money for what is a glorified to-do list. ...
Hallelujuh for the glorified part!!

I don't even use OF for GTD in the strict. I have a repetitive job (I'm an accountant and do the same projects every month) and I have serious brain fog. Having the due dates and repeating projects and waiting for contexts has saved my sanity and possibly my job. I know that I'm not going to forget any critical steps or that multi-million dollar payment to the state. It is worth every penny in peace of mind.

Now that I'm getting an iPhone, I'll be getting more organized in my personal life, I hope. $20 seems like a reasonable price to pay for that! :D
Things obviously dropped its price (I believe they are saying it is introductory on their website, which implies that it will go up again at some point) - it was originally the same as OmniFocus for iPhone on the US and UK stores.

I suppose what OmniGroup could have done is the same thing - had an introductory price on the app store that would be flagged as getting higher a few weeks after the launch of the store. That way, the OmniFocus devotees who already have the desktop app and post here would have known about it at the reduced price and got it 'cheap' while people new to OmniFocus sometime down the line would have paid the full whack.

Edit: was typing at the same time others were posting their responses above. Apologies for the duplication of thinking in the first part above.

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I would like add my voice to the "it's priced too high" list, although like most, I would guess, I am going to pay it.

Why does it bother me? Well, I guess I kinda felt like I deserved something special I suppose. I, like many of you, put in many hours of free testing and tech support feedback on all of the sneaky peaks that helped build OmniFocus into a great application.

And yes, I think we it would be nice to receive some recognition via coupon, discount, rebate, or free future upgrade benefit for the efforts we contributed to helping Omnifocus be so cool.

I also have purchased Omniplan, which hopefully will be upgraded to better communicate with Omnifocus (and Omnigraffle too!) eventually - this would seem like a great place to offer future upgrade discounts...

In my business I always try to repay loyalty with loyalty. What could be wrong with making your clients feel special?

Throw them a bone that helps your own bottom line.
After taking a look at the OmniFocus video, with the Contexts that can be added to a contact, address or a search, I am duly impressed and the $19.99 doesn't seem that much of a big deal anymore.

The idea that I could assign my work address, home address, "Home Depot" and other things brings GTD closer to what David Allen talks about when he said "Some sophisticated database program that cold pick up where you are tell you thing things you need to do to move projects along."

The $100 total still seems steep, but for something I am going to use hopefully hundreds of times a day, I am good.

Originally Posted by CrzyMke View Post
I realize some of you are frustrated with those of us who believe the app is overpriced, but keep in mind that $20 for an app isn't a nominal fee for all of us. Just like in any other financial discussion, emotions tend to run high (especially in light of the official announcement), but there isn't a need to demean the fiscal situation of others.

It also seems a bit contradictory to endorse Omni leveraging market forces to determine pricing structures, then decrying the market's response to it. Believe it or not, complaining/commenting is the prerogative of the potential customer. While Omni has not broken any promises, there are arguments to be made that are fair to bring up (which I'll leave to other posts). I don't think its appropriate to tell people they have no right to complain, or that by doing so they are somehow being cheap.

I applaud Omni's patience in dealing with my and others' grumbling (even if you are privately cursing us :D). But I am disappointed at the response of some of the others on these boards. I encourage those of you supporting Omni's decision to make your opinion known, but I don't like being told that my opinion is somehow invalid or superficial.
I'm not frustrated, it's more like I"m sick and tired of people who feel somehow untitled to tell others how much their work is worth when it comes to software.

I don't see you screaming at Starbucks employees after ordering a $5 coffee... If you want one you buy it, if you think it's a rip off (as I do), you don't go there. End of the story. But when it's software, you feel untitled to go in the fanciest coffee shop in town and start making a scene on how they're overpriced...

However you spin this with your pseudo diplomatic rhetoric, you're still a cheap annoying whiner.
Originally Posted by yann View Post
However you spin this with your pseudo diplomatic rhetoric, you're still a cheap annoying whiner.
Obviously there's some frustration on all sides of this issue, but let's please try to treat each other with respect. It's fine to talk about what frustrates you about pricing complaints, as you did in earlier paragraphs, but please refrain from negative personal characterizations.

My bad... I get cranky in the morning before I get my coffee... I apologies.

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