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What is going on with my license. I have purchased and installed the license as instructed. It works for maybe 2 days max and then I get the dreaded 'This copy of Omnifocus is not licensed' pop up. So I re-enter my license details and then it tells me that that information is already entered so I delete the old license and re re-renter my license and then it may work, it may not.

I hate being treated like a criminal when I spend my money....

And while I'm here why the f..k can I not use OF on my laptop and my desktop at the same time- that's ridiculous- it's an organizer for God's sake!
I do not own any other software that I cannot do this. It's all very well that OG tell us in the FAQ 'you do not need to purchase an extra license to run on two machines, you just cannot run the two at the same time'- but the consequences of this are dire indeed. One needs to sync!!!!
So constantly having to quit the program when creating a connection between the two machines to transfer the Omnifocus database is a PITA. These limitation are not workable.

Unhappy customer- might want a refund unless I get some of this answered
Loads of apps only let you run one copy at a time. Anyway, here's what I do ...

Save the database to the laptop. Transfer this backup to the desktop machine. Do a "Restore from backup" ... it works.

There have been threads on synching two machines that give other ideas

But that is not acceptable. And I have tons of apps that DO let you run them on a laptop and a desktop. If there was ever a contender to have that facility surely it's Omnifocus.

But here's the real pain... if by mistake you leave OF open on one of the machines and they talk to each other.. it invalidates the license!!!
The next time you open OF you will get that dreaded pop up.

OF charge a big premium for their software (as noted in a current thread) and for this I expect none of this nonsense. Period!
If the license isn't acceptable to you then you shouldn't have bought it. The OmniGroup's licensing policies haven't changed in years. They give a lot more flexibility in licensing options than many companies do. As someone who uses multiple computers, but only one at a time, I am thrilled I only have to purchase one license. It's one of the reasons I support OmniGroup by purchasing a number of their applications.

Also, you don't want to open OmniFocus on multiple computers at the same time if you hope to keep your data files synchronized so you're going to have issues anyway if you do leave it open.
You should never have to reenter any licensing details: OmniFocus doesn't permanently invalidate any licenses, it just won't use a license that is currently in use by another computer on the local network. If you quit both copies and then launch the one you want to use, you shouldn't have any trouble. (If somehow this isn't the case, then you may have encountered a bug! Please let our support ninjas know about the problem by sending email to

If you have feedback in general about our licensing policies, please let our sales team know by sending email to

OK so there is a bug and I will report it.

I say again- and I'm looking at my apps- every one BAR ONE (out of about 50 apps) provides a license for 2 computers.

Why shouldn't I be able to install on MY COMPUTERS which are simply a dual aspect of the same thing- my software. I use my laptop IN CONJUNCTION with my desk top. Tell me why Omnifocus like all 49 of my apps, cannot, willnot do this??

As Ken said above, the best way to get your concerns about our licensing policies to the right people is to email
OK I have done so and as Ken states above if I quit both instances and restart it cures the problem. I just think this is completely bonkers, totally inconvenient and completely unnecessary.

$80.00 is top of the league price- I don't expect this.
And MS Office works the same way. I used to be able to run two instantiations of Word on two machines in my house at the same time. Now I can't.... I have a feeling that one of those automatic updates installed new protection code in the past year or so.

I recall, years ago, when protection schemes were quite common on PCs and Borland came out with their "new" policy - "You can install Borland on as many machines as you like, but you can only run the app on one at a time."

That was considered quite fair back then, especially when the software license spells that out. I guess Omni has the same policy, it seems fair to me!
I agree about Word...

But the fundamental question is ..why?

Why impose this restriction. I have maybe 8 pieces of software from Native Instruments, a music software company. If they sold their software like Omni does, nobody would have bought it. Because as musicians we expect to be in our studios and on the road. And NI is a big successful company. So surely Omni should do the same.

I think there is a reason software has a challenge and response system to keep track of where you are installing. Omni does not- it has a very crude way of limiting installation. No?

Point is, I can't see why this is acceptable for an organizer which demands the same at home/on the road model. And yes I know you can install on 2 machines but not have them running at the same time- but that is stupid!

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