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Cannot smoosh database (and keep it smooshed) Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I followed the instructions in the stickie thread and smooshed my database. What a wonderful word - smooshed! I did not use the script, but did it manually, and it was quite easy. Had three files on iDisk.

I reset my iPhone database entirely, and synced. Afterwards, the database on iDisk was huge again - lots of zip files.

Then, with the iPhone completely turned off, I smooshed it again, made some changes, and synced with the iDisk once or twice. Lo and behold, the database was unsmooshed again.

In general, I have found that the sync operation with iPhone results in a large database within one or two syncs, and some operations even without the iPhone give me large databases again.

Anyone else finding this? Any ideas?
I'm seeing something similar. I smooshed my database, and made sure all my clients (one laptop and one iPhone) were synced. At this point, I was seeing a single zip file on the iDisk and on my laptop.

This morning, I made a number of updates on my laptop. When I was done, I synced my laptop, then my iPhone, and then for good measure my laptop again.

At this point I saw a lot of zip files on my laptop, corresponding to the changes I made this morning. Should this be the case, or should I expect there to be only one zip file because all my clients were in sync?

After this, through the course of the morning, I've made various changes both on the laptop and the iPhone--but I've tried to sync both devices before switching from one to the other. I'm still seeing a lot of zip files. I'm also seeing a lot of client files (like 20), all updated this morning. Is this expected?

(For what it's worth, all the syncing I've done worked fine, and changes made on one device showed up on the other as expected.)
I've just wiped by Omnifocus folder on iDisk and resynced with my laptop and iPhone. Initially, this reduced the number of files from about 700 to 2. But with every new sync, the number has climbed again by at least a couple of files. Sync accuracy is fine, but with every surplus file, the wait time on the sync increases. Is this a known issue, Omni? Are you implementing an overwrite system?
This is happening to me also. For the sake of helping the Omni guys out, here's how it went down for me:

I smooshed my database on Friday (using Lizard's script), and over the weekend, had no problems. Sync worked fine, and there were never more than 2 .zip files in my database.

Then last night, I did my weekly review, which meant lots of changes to projects and actions, including marking my projects as reviewed, etc. OF for the Mac was syncing all along the way. Then I synced my iPhone and all of the changes synced across just fine.

But, I was a little curious, and checked my database file on my webDAV server, and sure enough, there were over 20 .zip files!

So, I deleted the file from my webDAV, re-smooshed my local database, synced to webDAV, then synced my iPhone and chose "Use Server" when prompted. I'm now back down to 1 .zip file.
Yes, you'll generally get a new .zip file and a new .client with every sync.
(Which will happen every minute or so while you're actively making changes in OmniFocus.)
But they're only going to get automatically smooshed about once an hour.

So it doesn't necessarily sound like there's anything going wrong for any of you.

canadagoose: I'm not sure I understand your question about implementing an overwrite system.

EDIT: Some gremlin told me once upon a time that only the Mac smooshed your data, not the iPhone. This turns out to be lies, so I am removing my misinformation.

Last edited by Lizard; 2008-08-04 at 11:36 AM..

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