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i was just emailed a blog (from chuck frey) about the OPML outlining markup language for the iphone and touch. one of omni's iphone competitors is integrating with another company's desktop mind mapping software. so far information can only be passed from phone to mac and not the other way, presumably because the language is a subset of what a desktop can do.
i hope omni hasn't missed the boat here.
My biggest use will be from within omnifocus for errands and event task lists. For example, I have an omnifocus errand context for the supermarket with an embedded omnioutliner list containing the detail. On the iPhone I would like to check off the items as I cart them, and resync back to my laptop.
1) multiple columns/column types/column summaries
Would be nice, but not essential.

2) Formatting: No. Frankly I find them a nuisance in the desktop edition, but I realize I'm a minority on that. ;)

3) Attachments: No.

4) Editing: YES!!

5) Sync: YES!! (at least as good as OmniFocus, though I hope you eventually have over the air syncing without MobileMe or WebDAV)
Just wanted to place my vote to get this on the iPhone. Thank
I think it would be great to have it function just like Omnifocus does. I envision using this for other check lists that are not projects or tasks. Guess I could do that with Omnifocus, but it just might clutter things up...
1) No
2) No, just plain text
3) Not important. Maybe later.
4) Yes, i need basic editing capabilities
5) Sync over the cloud is very important for me. But not as granular as in OF. The cloud should always have the newest version of a file but must not merge changes!
The ability to sync with the iPhone is high on my list of "must haves" and I continue to look for it. In my work as an engineer and construction manager there is a lot of "reference" information that I need to look up, add to, update and modify on the go. For example, accounting cost codes, bid proposals, material properties, contract clauses, etc.

A simplified iPhone outliner that syncs with the desktop outliner would be a huge addition to the Omni family of products. Enhancements such as multiple columns could be added in the future.

You have a tremendous edge on your competitors right now with the sync features of Omnifocus. I have thought about trying to use it for my iPhone outline needs but keep hoping you will fill the gap.

In the windows environment, the outliner InfoSelect for the Palm provides a very practical and useful solution that might serve as a model. In the desktop outliner you select which sections are synced with the handheld outliner. So the file can be much smaller on the handheld. On the desktop you can edit and treat the sync-sections in the same way you do any other section. When the sync-sections are synced, some simplifications in formatting, attachments, etc. are made to take the info into the handheld. While on the handheld, the sync-section info can be edited, added to, deleted, reorganized, etc. and when the next sync occurs those changes are made in the desktop info. So, while there are some compromises in features, the user can take info back and forth.

1) A single column with indented levels made up of rows and notes that expand and collapse. A note can be given a title as well as contents. If a note does not have a title, the first line of the note's contents shows up in the row when the note is collapsed.

2) Plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone would be enough. It is the information that is of primary importance and most of that can be in text.

3) Attachment support? No.

4) Full editing is necessary.

5) Full, two-way syncing. Merging changes.

Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
1) Do you need multiple columns of data, column types, or the column summary options?
Yes, though I wouldn't mind 1.0 to only support basic one-column outlines. Better than nothing!

2) Do you need formatting support? Or just plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone.
Plain text is fine, as long as syncing does not kill formatting on the computer.

3) Do you need attachment support?

4) Should it be a viewer only, or have editing capabilities?
Editing is key! To enter ideas as they come up, anywhere.

5) What kind of syncing expectations do you have?
Ability to choose some files to keep in sync.
Search. Gotta have it. Useless without it. I use outlines to record what I've done at job sites, or squirrel away bits of information that might prove useful, and, later, to bring up those details when I see similar problems, etc. Without the ability to search - the lack of which in OmniFocus on the Touch annoys me - I can't get find the information I need.

Formatting would be nice. I don't like doing it all nice and pretty on the laptop only to lose it when I make an update on the Touch.

In general, think BrainForest for the Palm platform. That rocked.
Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
1) Do you need multiple columns of data, column types, or the column summary options?
That would be nice, but not essential. I live and die by OO3, and I've got some huge files, but never more than two columns. If I need a spread sheet, I'll use a spread sheet. Outliner is fantastic for... outlines. Lists. Etc.
2) Do you need formatting support? Or just plain text like OmniFocus for the iPhone.
If it needs to be plain text to get out the door, do it. Right now, for grocery lists (for instance), I'm synching up trash notes in iCal and just putting in the essential info in the event's notes pane.

What OO4 needs (on the iPhone), is at least the ability to have a list, hopefully nested, and to mark items done. If you can set OO4 to override sleep preferences so your iPhone doesn't go to sleep while you're using a list, that would be handy, too.

Eventually, though, it would be good to fully support desktop formatting for when you're working in the field, rather than just running chores.
3) Do you need attachment support?
Need? Not initially, no -- at least, not for basic to-do lists.

Eventually, yes. Attachments are often a key part of project lists and being able to view attachments would be critical for getting the job done.
4) Should it be a viewer only, or have editing capabilities? If just a viewer only, how well does the Quick Look preview/DHTML export meet your needs? (Viewing the export on the iPhone that is)
Viewer would be a start.
Editable would be an eventual necessity, starting first with marking lines done... and sometime later with altering content.
5) What kind of syncing expectations do you have? This would be one big reason why OmniOutliner 4 needs to be developed first as OO3 is not designed for merging synced changes.
This ties into the editing aspect. Initially, no synch is necessary beyond getting into the iPhone and viewing it. Optimally, synching should work both ways for a given document.
If you have any other specific expectations for the app, please let us know too. Thanks for your feedback and support!
Having it is the only thing I'd prioritize as "expectation."

Personally, I Get Plenty Done using an outline I don't require some external system to help me organize my life. OO3 is like a magic paper notepad for me. It just works (Jobs would be proud). That's why I'm so anxious to see some version of OO[X] get over the iPhone.

If you really want to do something cool, above and beyond, find a way to integrate OO4 into iCal, maybe as something embeddable or linkable in an event... or as a way to supplement or replace the To Do list in iCal... and make it synchable. iCal is just begging for a 3rd party-tweak, you guys could do it well...
My 2 cents:

1) yes

2) no

3) no

4) I would love editing capabilities. One my uses for OO is preparing checklists that I have to bring around printed, ticking them as I go. Therefore I'd like to use an iPhone OO as a substitute for my printed lists, with the ability to tick the checkboxes.

5) sync? I'd just be able to upload specific files on the iPhone OO, and vice versa

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