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After I install iOS 7 on my iOS device, my OF data is gone. I use the OMniSync server to sync OF data between devices, and it does not repopulate my OF data. Nor does it give me any error that would help me understand what it going wrong.

This is happening on my iPhone, my iPad, and my iPad mini. It doesn't appear to be affecting my OF data on the SyncServer because OF on my laptop and desktop appear unaffected.

Has this happened to anyone else?

+1 on this. Everything is missing from OF on my iPad after upgrading to iOS 7 - thank, projects, contexts, the lot. It still appears to be on the OmniSync server, but the iPad starts to sync, then stops.

I've tried re-installing, manually syncing, the lot.

To add insult to injury, Omni support is having an "in-service day" today, so there's no way to reach a live support person.
+1 more. Exact same issues after iOS7 upgrade:

1. OF server sync w/iPhone = fail, no data
2. OF server sync w/iPad = fail, no data
3. OF server sync w/Mac = success, data correct
We're very sorry for this! The issue seems to be that the XML parser in iOS 7 has introduced a new default size limit of 10MB. We saw this issue in some early developer preview releases of iOS 7; but Apple fixed the issue in later releases, leading us to think it was resolved. Unfortunately, now it appears to be back in the final GM.

This doesn't affect everyone, obviously—but if you have a number of large notes in your task database (or a lot of tasks!), you could easily end up exceeding that 10MB limit. (Attachments are stored as separate files from the XML content, so the size of your attachments won't affect this limit.)

There is some (new) API we can use to increase the limit when we're on iOS 7, and we'll be updating our version 1 apps to use this API when available. We'll submit these updated version 1 apps to Apple ASAP.
+1 with a twist

1. OF server sync w/iPhone (running OF2 & iOS7) = success
my sync file size is 21.4Mb so not clear why only v1 apps are affected if this is an iOS7 issue?
2. OF server sync w/iPad2 (running iOS7) = fail, no data
3. OF server sync w/iPad mini (running iOS7) = fail, no data
4. OF server sync w/Mac = success
Originally Posted by helenr View Post
my sync file size is 21.4Mb so not clear why only v1 apps are affected if this is an iOS7 issue?
In the new apps that require iOS 7, we started calling the new iOS 7 API which increases the XML parser limit. (Again, we didn't do this for the iOS 6 apps because they didn't have access to that API and we thought Apple had fixed iOS 7 to handle this compatibility issue automatically.)

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