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Sync OmniFocus With DropBox? [Not supported, use the free Omni Sync Server instead] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Brian - Thanks! That did the trick and I concur that your site is fast. Any chance on making the data viewable from the browser as well? I ask because I'm stuck with an Android Phone.
There's been some discussion of a browser-based interface, but our current slate of projects have us very busy. No ETA on doing one, but it's something we're thinking about.
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
DropBox knows how to copy around data, but it doesn't know how to resolve conflicts when data is edited in two places before being synchronized.

OmniFocus does know how to do this, so if you want to avoid potential data loss when resolving conflicts I strongly recommend using OmniFocus' built-in sync facility rather than using something else to try to synchronize your data. OmniFocus understands how to sync its data through the cloud (via MobileMe or WebDAV or a file server), through the local network (via Bonjour), and through portable drives (such as USB sticks).

Hi, wondering when we move to icloud, what happens? Thanks in advance.
Thanks for posting, Melts! Your iDisk will remain active until June of next year, but you're also welcome to set up an account on our Omni Sync Server.

There's no charge to create an account, and we don't plan to charge for access in the future. (We may add additional for-pay services at some point, but if all you need is a place to put your sync data, that'll stay free.)

Hope that helps!

I love your products (I own most of them) but the synching in OmniFocus is a huge gaping hole. I own OmniFocus for all three devices but I've stopped because of synching problems.

MobileMe is dead. Some would say Thank God but that option is gone for me now.
Personal Webdav is finicky and I don't feel like setting it up myself.
Purchased Webdav means a finding a new data provider and paying. The better ones like Rackspace don't support Webdav.
Free Webdav means hoping someone will take care of my data, some of it involving clients. It would violate most NDA's a lot of us live under.

Your synch service is in beta. There is no SLA or privacy policies that I've been able to find. And it tends to go down. Just check your twitter feed.

You truly need to support some obvious alternatives. I will continue to use your other fine products every day. Good luck.
Have you actually worked any of these problems with Omni support? My Macs sync every few minutes to the Omni sync server without trouble, and I've got a large database 10,000 actions, 1,000 projects, approximately 20 megabytes.
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Have you actually worked any of these problems with Omni support? My Macs sync every few minutes to the Omni sync server without trouble, and I've got a large database 10,000 actions, 1,000 projects, approximately 20 megabytes.
It does kinda stink though that every time I launch an iOS version I get 5-10 seconds of a modal "synchronizing with sync server" followed by 2 seconds of app availability followed by a modal "updating with synched data."

It's just... really crappy compared to the alternatives (The Hit List and Things with cloud sync). I'd hoped over the past 3 years a better alternative would come about... maybe 2.0 will make it not be so crappy.

It's not JUST about the speed... the whole blocking workflow (sure, you can enter inbox tasks) is pretty jarring on the iOS version. If you don't launch it every 30 minutes you're going to have the huge hulking blocking black screens EVERY time you launch.

Plus, I feel I need to sync EVERY iOS device EVERY day or stuff slows down.

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