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I've got Project installed via Parallels on my machine so I can do testing pretty easily. Cross-application usage is essential for me. Otherwise I'll have to stick with Project. :(

I've created a project in OmniPlan, then exported it as both a Project Exchange file and a Project XML file. Trying to open them up in Project fails however - I'm getting errors about date problems. I looked at things more closely and the OmniPlan project that I created was given a completion date of 1974 and I can't seem to change it.

Looking into it more ... there's something really weird going on with the dates. I have a task which I didn't assign dates to yet and it's giving it completion dates like 10/15/40.

I'm using beta 4.
I'm unclear on whether the dates are messed up in OmniPlan or only after import into Project. Is the start date of your project set in OP? Did you send us your project via "Send Feedback..."?

Hi - I did submit a bug report for this earlier today.

The date problem is there pre-export, within OmniPlan itself. The project has a start date (May 18, 2006), but the app filled in an end date of 9/1/74 4:14 AM. I don't see any way to change this.

I also notice that one of the tasks within the project has been assigned this same date and I can't change it. All the other tasks look fine.

Update - I just deleted that task an created it again and the problem is not there now.

PEBCAK? I dunno. Very weird though.

Last edited by mpemulis; 2006-07-28 at 12:40 PM..

I got some date problems too, using applescript:

here is my code:

property ATime : date
property BTime : date
property CDuration : 4
property ADur : 4
property BDur : 4

tell application "OmniPlan"
set CTime to (current date)
set myDoc to front document
tell front document
-- set Myself to make new resource with properties {kind:person, efficiency:2, name:"Tom", cost per hour:200.0}
--set MyTask to make new task with properties {name:"Cure Cancer", starting date:CTime, duration:CDuration}
--assign MyTask to Myself
set ADur to duration of task "Cure Mat"
set duration of task "Cure Mat" to 12
set BDur to duration of task "Cure Mat"
set ATime to starting date of task "Cure Mat"
set BTime to current date
set starting date of task "Cure Mat" to BTime
set BTime to starting date of task "Cure Mat"
display dialog ADur & " " & BDur & return & ATime & return & BTime as string
end tell
end tell

It has been produced trough several manipulations.

His goal is to create a dock way to record the task I am actually doing.

The matter is:
I can affect easily the task durations, name... but not the "starting date" as soon as I do it, I encounter several problems:

Omniplan does update the actual start in the task information panel but nothing appear in the graph part.
and as soon as I wanna go to the ressource panel I got these error message:
"*** -[NSCFDate dayOfCommonEra]: selector not recognized [self = 0x5e197f0]"

Do you got a clue for me
Well, I don't know how to solve it, but the problem is that "current date" returns the wrong kind of date. (NSDate vs. NSCalendarDate)
Hm, I'm reviewing my task dates in OmniPlan and they're changing. I haven't been able to detect a pattern yet but a number of the dates are now several months in the future.

For instance I created a task which started on May 18 and finished on June 26. I just went back and looked at it and now the start and end date are both in October. And I know this was previously correct.
OK. More data points.

The problem seems to be related to the Export function. I went in and corrected all of the incorrect dates. Saved it as a normal OmniPlan file. Everything's fine. Then I did an Export to a MPX file with a different file name. Now both this new, exported file AND the original OmniPlan file have screwed up dates. Some of them go back to 1974 and some go forward to 2040. This change happened purely as a function of the export.

Ok I see our problems diverge.

You got an export related date problem, I got a applescript related date problem.

I will post a new thread.

Good luck

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