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Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
.... What are people actually trying to accomplish with calendar syncing, and can we find a better way to accomplish that end? ....

I need alarms that will remind me to take care of scheduled actions/tasks. I have to keep checking my actions/tasks, or, make another list on my desk(top) to keep from missing deadlines. My old Palm Task List was simple, but the alarms were effective and got my attention.
I've tried OF Events to iCal - it is not working for me.
I use OF on iPhone and MacBook.
WH1 - is your iPhone running iOS 4? If so, there's a "due reminders" feature that can be turned on in OmniFocus' settings screen.

If you have the Growl library installed on your Mac, OmniFocus (as well as many other applications) can use it to pop up notifications that you can customize to suit your needs.

You can grab Growl here:

Do either of those help in the short term?
Not sure if this thread is still relevant or not.

I need tasks with a deadline to sync with a calendar e.g. Google calendar so that I can see appropriate reminders on a widget on my android. This is a show stopper for OF and I'm trying to find a way to do it.

Suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Gazhayes, if I understand your request correctly, the "Publish due reminders as a calendar" option in Sync preferences should do what you're after. Does that help?
the problem is: Will Omni ever provide support to CalDav...?
waiting for an asnwer since october 2010...


In iCal I have created duplicate calendars 'on my mac' which mirror my real calendars in MobileMe and given them the same colours as their counterparts. They have the word Omni before the actual name, eg Omni Home, Omni Work, Omni Errands etc.

Then I mapped them over through Omnifocus in the usual way, and I can have my tasks in iCal, with dates, etc. I can put alarms in through iCal if I want and they work.

I collapse the omni calendar list out of the way, and it's a workable solution for iCal.

Of course this doesn't give me my tasks in MobileMe online, but I don't use that much anyway. But, it's a bit of a bodge job. What it does do is help with planning. No point in allocating a bunch of tasks to do on a day that's back to back meetings!

Hope this helps someone else who really only wants this function for planning purposes.
I publish my due reminders as a calendar. This works great for me, as I set alarm to go off one hour before the item is due.

I used to synch with iCal calendars but never really used that at all. Now that the new MobileMe doesn't allow for this kind of synching, it's not biggie for me. As long as I can view my task reminders as a separate calendar, I'm all set. I especially like the link back to OF that I can click on when using my iPod. Allows me to mark off the task as done.

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Like others, I'd like OmniFocus to sync with iCal/Google Calendar so I can visualize my to-do list on top of events. I often travel for business and have to set up projects between different groups of people in different cities and we all share the same Google Calendar to keep track of this. While it won't be necessary for them to run OmniFocus, it is necessary for them to know which tasks have been completed, which tasks I feel are an immediate priority, and where I will be. It's also a good way of keeping track of the progress of projects you've already done (e.g., if somebody asks me about a project, I can look back on my calendar and see when it was started, approximately how many tasks it took, how long it took, who finished which tasks, when it was completed, when major milestones were completed, and how many people per task per week).
I am currently trying to setup Calendar syncing so that I can access my OF data on my Android phone. I think its great that you guys have a iPad and iPhone application but as your own documentation points out the calendar is the best way to get your data out and collaborate.

So put simply the reason Omni Focus needs to Sync the cloud calendars is because it is the most universal way for people to get at their task information regardless of platform.

Additionally this allows access from any web browser in the world meaning when you leave your Mac at home you can still manage your tasks from your works Windows machine.

In the end this Thread seems like the Omni Group is not interested in adding the needed support for syncing our Calendars with Google or else where. I hope I am reading this wrong but the tone and direction is of a developer trying to guide people towards the idea that they do not need sync and it isn't a good fit for the Calendar. And to that you may be correct but it is the prevailing standard and the Calendar is the location task lists get added by most software vendors.
I agree with Kris...

we need a definite word about the CalDav support...!


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