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I upgraded to Leopard last week and prior to the upgrade I could open and save files to a network share which happens to be a Win2003 server.

After the Leopard upgrade I can open files from that Network share in OO, but if I try to Save or Save As to any of the network shares I get a cannot save file error message in OO. If I change the destination to a local disk it will then save fine. No matter what directory I try on the Windows network share it will not save. So my workaround is to save locally then using Finder I move the file to the network share.

Is this a known issue with Leopard?
This isn't actually a Leopard issue, I'm not sure why you didn't have problem in 10.4. The problem has to do with file wrappers which OmniOutliner saves its files as. You'll see the same problem with a RTFD TextEdit document if you add an attachment to it.

Let me know if you have any questions!
I read somewhere else (the Graffle forum?) that 10.5.0 actually made the Windows network share situation worse. I forget the details...
Thank you, DerekM for the information. Critically, is there any work-around (other than saving locally and then moving over)? Any solution on the horizon? This is actually a pretty big deal for some of us.

Many thanks.
We've filed this bug with Apple a good while ago as it's a due to how OS X saves file wrappers. You can recreate this with a rtfd TextEdit document. Unfortunately there is not any other workaround that I'm aware of.
My observation is that....

OmniOutliner (and OmniGraffle) can not save a "package" type file to either a Windows sharepoint or smb volume mounted from OS X Leopard.

I think this may be related to how OmniOutliner & OmniGraffle handles the save for "package" documents. Here are some supporting information....

1) Apple Pages can save OK to the shared volume. The Pages document is of a "package" type.

2) Omnigraffle can save a new, blank file OK to the shared volume. This document IS NOT a "package".

3) Add an image to the OmniGraffle then the file will not save to the shared volume. This document IS a "package".

4) I CAN drag & drop copy any OmniGraffle document (both "package" and not "package" type documents) to the shared folder. This indicates that this is not a volume permissions access issue.

OmniOutliner & OmniGraffle are not saving "package" type documents to a shared windows volume on Leopard!

However, since Pages & Keynote '08 CAN save "package" documents, while OmniOutliner & OmniGraffle CANNOT save "package" documents... which is really the case?

A) Leopard has a bug which hinders saving "package" documents to share volumes? or,

B) some knowledge about saving "package" documents to shared volumes still needs to be discovered by the Omni Group developers?

Either way, hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon. Please.
Try saving a RTFD TextEdit document (add an attachment to a rtf file), you should have the same problem as OO and OG. Yes, Pages and Keynote can do it correctly, and that's because Apple specifically fixed them instead of doing a global fix. We may end up finding a fix for it ourselves but we can't make any guarantees when that will be. We know this causes a lot of grief for some of our users and we apologize for that.
This error (files in a wrapper saved to an AFP or SMB share have restrictive group permissions) continues to interfere with our use of Omni applications. Reviewing these forums, this is known issue. The standard response seems to be "try TextEdit ... it does it too; we have submitted a bug report to Apple".

I understand how this could be frustrating for Omni: you should not have to make application-level modifications to work around this bug. At the same time, customers should not have to wait indefinitely.

But how about not creating package files until necessary and/or allowing the user to specify the file format: via the Document Inspector (as with OmniGraffle) or via Preferences in all (most?) Omni applications?

-- Tom
Unfortunately I can't tell you the reasoning for not supporting flat files as the lead OO engineer at the time is out of the office and I wasn't with Omni back then.

What I can tell you though is that we'll look into working around this issue for OO4. Not making any promises but OO4 would be a good time to fix it if we're going to do it ourselves.

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