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I like this update, but there still needs to be some way to show attachments on the iPhone version. I have so many projects, many of which I have audio or photo attachments as part of a task. Just glancing at a task, there is no indicator of this at all and it can easily be missed when you look at it later on.
Hi there

Great update but I have two issues.

1) Actions without start dates are showing up in a perspective where they have not been showing up before

I have a perspective which shows all remaining actions, sorted on start dates and grouped by start dates. This is my main work area.

So far I have never seen actions without a start date in the iPhone app, but with version 1.9 they are suddenly in my perspective. I must admit that to have them all show up before the dated ones is creating clutter in my main work area.

In the Mac & iPad app, I've been able to collapse the "start any time" grouping, but that does not seem to be a option in the iPhone app.

What can I think of to solve this?

* Make the groupings collapsible (like they are on Mac/iPad)
* Move actions without a start date to the bottom... seems logical since I'm sorting on the start date attribute, why would I want the actions without a start date first? [Metaphore] The alphabet begins with ABC [EndMetaphore]

2) Projects are showing up in my perspective. Now this must be a bug.
Originally Posted by Greg Jones View Post
Looks great so far, other than I too would prefer it if the Perspectives menu were not pushed to the bottom. Other option to make room would be to move Search to the top of the list, but the user would need to pull down to make it visible. I've seen multiple iOS apps that use this effectively.
Great idea!:)
Originally Posted by aliteralmind View Post
I also do not use the map (I only have wifi, and would likely not use maps anyway, even if I could).
Lest anyone get the wrong impression, the Maps feature works fine with a wifi-only device, so long as you have an internet connection at the time you are using it. Hardware GPS support is not required to make it useful.
Correct. The map feature is not literally non-working, but for me is effectively non-working, since I have wifi-only. I don't see how it could be useful in my situation, frankly. I would be interested in how other wifi-only OF users take advantage of the map.
On the crowded screen that requires scrolling, Ken tweeted a day or two ago that this is a temporary situation. Their plan is to consolidate Due Soon and Overdue into a Forecast view.
Breaks exporting due-dates in the german localization. This was fixed in version 1.8 or so. Now that bug is back. This is getting ridiculous since that bug has been fixed and then re-introduced already.


And the original thread:

Makes me wonder how you guys manage your source-code.

Could you release some kind of hotfix or am I the only customer who's using this mechanism? Exporting due-dates is essential for me since that integrates OF into iCal and I am relying on this as my planning facility.

Last edited by FatalError; 2011-03-14 at 03:06 AM..
Originally Posted by FatalError View Post
Breaks exporting due-dates in the german localization. This was fixed in version 1.8 or so. Now that bug is back. This is getting ridiculous since that bug has been fixed and then re-introduced already.
I'm very sorry about this regression! We've fixed this for the next release. Again.

The problem is not with our source code management, it's with our process of getting translation updates back to our localization team. Whenever we update the interface for the app, we send it out to our localizers and they update and test their localizations for the new interface. We then integrate whatever changes they've made back into the app.

But when we shortened the due prefix in our calendars from "Fälligkeitsdatum" to "fällig", we treated it as an engineering bug which we fixed in our local copy of those translation dictionaries (based on feedback here in the forums). What we forgot to do (twice, apparently!) was to let our localizers know about the updated translation, so each time we've made other significant changes that required localization updates they've sent back the old translation along with all their new work.

We've made sure the localizers now know about this change so they can update their dictionaries, hopefully avoiding this longer translation from appearing in the future.

Could you release some kind of hotfix or am I the only customer who's using this mechanism?
We've fixed this for our next update, which we'll be submitting to Apple for review soon. If you're willing to help beta-test the fix between now and when 1.9.1 ships, please send me email at

Once again, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this regression!
A little late to the party here but I just wanted to say that adding the Next / Available / Remaining to the menu bar is about the single most important feature of any update to OF for iPhone (for me!). Amazingly, I'd just got used to being really annoyed by it and had never considered that it could be altered!! And me a programmer too ;-)

And the enhanced date interface is a boon.

Great update. Thank you all.

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