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Bug: Due soon not showing tasks? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
If I switch to project or context view there are plenty stating due soon. Why aren't the showing in the Due Soon view?
Originally Posted by iangall View Post
If I switch to project or context view there are plenty stating due soon. Why aren't the showing in the Due Soon view?
The "due soon" smart folder only lists actions which are available AND due within 2 days, while in the other views you can see marked as "due soon" ALL the actions due in the next 2 days, even if not available.
So how do I make sure that something is "available"?
An action which
  • isn't blocked by previous actions (in a sequential project)
  • is not on hold
  • does not have a start date in the future
is considered Available.

Sorry for the delay in answering your question - you posted this mere minutes after I signed off the forums yesterday. The OmniFocus for iPhone Manual will come in handy.
This answers a long standing question I've had. I could never get anything to appear in Due Soon because I also assign a start date, usually on the same day the action is due. Seems like an item's due date should take precedence over an item being Available for the Due Soon list if the start date is the only thing preventing it.
OmniFocus works best for me if start dates are considered to be just as firm as due dates. If I have an action that, for whatever reason, I do not want to, or cannot start before a specific date, then I don't want that action appearing on a due soon list (and jumping into my head) when I cannot yet act on it.
There are a chunk of users out of there that tell us that seeing items they can't actually do yet just stresses out and demoralizes them. We make them happy by hiding that action until they tell us they want to see it; for folks like you, the fix is to just set an earlier (or no) start date on an action you want to see.
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
An action which
  • isn't blocked by previous actions (in a sequential project)
  • is not on hold
  • does not have a start date in the future
is considered Available.
Is it really different on the iPhone than on the desktop, where it must have a context assigned?

I'd add "or action group" to the end of that parenthetical remark, too.
I just sent direct feedback to Omni on this, but thought I would point it out here as well...

If I have an item that is due within the "Due Soon" timeframe (ie 24 hours) but has a future start date, the item is still represented in the count of Due Soon items beside the context name in the Context listing on the iPhone. The item itself is not displayed within the context in any way, making it even more confusing, since the count reflects items that are not actually shown in the listing.

For example, I have an item that has a "Start Date" of 9:00 AM tomorrow, since I can't actually start working on it until then. It also has a due date of 12:00 PM, since it does have to be done by then. The result is that it will begin showing up in the "Due Soon" count in the iPhone context listing after noon today, even though it does not appear as available anywhere, nor is it reflected in the "Due Soon" count anywhere else within OF for iPhone or even on the Desktop. Further, where it does appear (only when filtering by "Remaining") it will not be highlighted in orange as a "Due Soon" tasks since the start date has not yet passed. This means that for the average user, the count simply appears incorrect until you do a bit of digging and realize that there is a task due within the next 24 hours that simply hasn't "started" yet.

This approach is confusing and non-intuitive, since it leaves most users confused as to where this missing "due soon" item is since it doesn't show up at all if you're filtering by "Available" (default filter for context view) and even if you've set your filter to "remaining" the item is not highlighted as "Due Soon" leaving the user scratching their head as to where the "other" Due Soon item is.

Most importantly, this is completely different from how every other portion of OF works both on the desktop and the iPhone. I find the fact that blocked actions (those for which the dependent prerequisites have not yet been completed) also show up in these counts to be equally confusing as well, but at least this aspect is consistent with the rest of OmniFocus, both on the iPhone and on the desktop, and those blocked actions show up as "Due Soon" in the main "Due Soon" listing and elsewhere.
I sent a similar bug report today .. I had items within the due soon setting, with the context setting on " available " , I assigned some start times to a few to spread them out through the day , they disappeared as expected . I changed the setting to " remaining " for contexts synced again and they still stayed hidden .
I think the " due soon " view has some issues on the iPhone client .

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