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Cannot duplicate a task in context view? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
For some reason, the "Duplicate" menu item is greyed out when I'm in context view with a task selected. Is this a (known) bug?


It's probably not considered a bug. OF doesn't let you add actions in context mode under the assumption that you can't see to what project you're adding the action. Since Duplicate adds an action, it is probably being disabled.

It seems reasonable to put the duplicate in the same project as the action being duplicated, but then there's another confusion. What if the project is sequential? The duplicate won't appear because the original is blocking it.

I ran into this issue today as well. (It's strange that brab and I both ran into this issue on the same day. Is it because something has changed in a recent version, or just coincidence?)

I'd like to have the ability to duplicate a task anywhere. My problem is that in addition to the Contexts view, I have a couple of handy perspectives that are based on the Contexts view, so I can't duplicate a task there either.

To curt.clifton's first point, OF does let you add actions in context mode. Initially, the project is whatever is set in the preferences as "default list for single actions". In fact, if you're in a view where the context isn't explicit, it will drop the new task into the "No context" box. It seems obvious that if the task is duplicated, it would belong to the same context and project initially until it was edited.

To curt.clifton's second point (sequential projects) the new task should appear wherever you dropped it until you click to another view or click "Clean up" just like lots of similar situations. For example, if you're in the "Flagged" perspective (which is a context mode perspective) if you click "Add Action" your new task will appear despite the fact that it isn't flagged. Even if you start editing other tasks, the item will not disappear until you click "clean up" or move to another perspective.

So I definitely see this as a bug, or at least something that could be more intuitive.

And if I could just hijack this topic a bit, I'd like to make a feature request: There ought to be other ways of duplicating tasks. I'd like it if you held down the option key the check box would change to a small check-plus icon. Click it, and the original task is checked and a new duplicate task is created. (Not a recurring task, but as you complete it, you realize that you have to do it again next week. For example, a follow up phone call.) Also, perhaps dragging a task and dropping it on the Add Action icon in the toolbar could create a duplicate.
Good points, Joel. Thanks.

To have your bug reports or feature requests entered in the development database use Help → Send Feedback.

Oh, great idea this option-click feature! I'll also do a Send Feedback about it.
I'd like to resurrect this thread as the lack of duplicate (or even a smart cut and paste) is a serious workflow hindrance for me. For small projects, which are the majority for most people, you may have just one next action, or perhaps a few independent actions. You do it, or some part of it, and then want to enter a follow-up. The follow-up is likely to be very similar in form to the other item. You can: a) Enter a new task, duplicating much of the previous task by hand. I find this to be a real waste of time. Sometimes, the new task will jump to a new location while I am editing. OF says this is a bug, but it does happen. b) command-option-r to go to the project and then command-d to duplicate. But this yanks you into a different context (not gtd context), and the switch is relatively slow. And then you switch back, which is also disruptive. c) If you copy an item in project mode, and paste it into an item field, you get a link to the original item. This might be useful 1 time in 1000. I know I could submit YAFR (yet another feature request), but I don't see feature requests as being acted on quickly or frequently. I am hoping someone has a decent workaround.
Am offering this because I haven't seen it suggested. How about
1) copying the item
2) opening the quick entry window
3) deselecting the empty new item
4) pasting the copied item
5) deleting the empty item above it
6) saving the change

Whoops! It seems like this should work, but it doesn't. It does put an item in the inbox, but gives an error "Unable to save." From that point on, any changes to the OF document can't be changed. Upon quitting, this error message is displayed:
The document "OmniFocus" could not be saved. Multiple validation errors occurred while saving.
Thanks, I've filed a bug on this and we'll get it fixed. The problem looks to be pasting an action that has a project or context assigned to it into quick entry. And please make sure to report such issues to our support ninjas at in the future if you didn't. Thanks again!
Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
Thanks, I've filed a bug on this and we'll get it fixed. The problem looks to be pasting an action that has a project or context assigned to it into quick entry. And please make sure to report such issues to our support ninjas at in the future if you didn't. Thanks again!
Wow, thanks for picking this up. Looking forward to the fix.
Wow again. It's already fixed in the Sneaky Peak. Thanks, omnifolk!

(Sorry for responding to my own post.)

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