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OmniFocus 1.9 for iPhone is now available! Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
OmniFocus 1.9 for iPhone improves the basic workflow by offering immediate access to View settings that display Next, Available, Remaining, or All items. It also improves the experience of choosing dates and setting up repeating items, and contains many other improvements to the interface.

We love hearing from you! You can reach us by tapping Send Feedback on the Settings screen, sending email to, tweeting to @omnifocus, or calling 1-800-315-OMNI or +1 206-523-4152.

Home Screen & Toolbar
  • Map mode is now available via a row on the Home screen.
  • The toolbar now contains a View button. The View settings can now be adjusted directly, rather than requiring a trip to Settings.
  • The Settings button is only available in the main toolbar when viewing the Home screen.

  • The “All” list now correctly shows the children of action groups.
  • The “All” list no longer incorrectly filters based on the current project View settings. View settings are not available in the Inbox.
  • Completed children of action groups in the Inbox are now filtered from view. This is consistent with the behavior for items directly in the Inbox.

  • Improved the user interface for setting the repeat value for Projects and Actions.
  • When you add a start or due date, the value starts out already set, instead of requiring you to move one of the time wheels first.
  • Added shortcut buttons to the Start & Due Dates picker for quickly incrementing the start or due date by 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month.
  • Improved usability and layout of the Start & Due Dates picker in landscape orientation.
  • The title and the note text now have the same right margin in the Title & Note inspector.
  • Fixed a bug where the end of a note was obscured by the on screen keyboard in landscape orientation in the Title & Note inspector.
  • The user interface for setting a Context’s status is now consistent with the UI for setting a Project’s status.
  • Improved interaction with the on screen keyboard in the Action, Context, and Project editing screens.
  • Improved interaction with the on screen keyboard in the Context and Project pickers.
  • Improved the appearance of the audio levels indicator when recording or playing back audio attachments.
  • The Action editor now uses a consistent font and style for its inspector rows.
  • Improved the appearance of action, project and context rows as they transition into and out of Edit mode.
  • Action titles are now drawn vertically centered for actions without a note.
  • The disclosure button used to reach the Title & Note inspector is now vertically centered.
  • The clear button now has a larger tap target, and correctly shows its pressed state.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an awkward jump of item’s title when committing editing.
  • Fixed a bug in the Context editor where the title cell could become inappropriately highlighted.

  • The View settings for Project lists now includes a Next Action option.
  • The View settings for Contexts lists now includes an All actions option.
  • The “All Actions” list title now reflects the current View settings.
  • The “No Actions” and “No Projects” placeholder text is dynamic and now differentiates between a list without any items and a list whose items have been filtered out by the current View settings.
  • The Contexts list’s “All Actions” view now includes “No Context” actions.
  • Dropped contexts can now be shown in the Contexts list, via the View button.
  • Projects and Action Groups are now flattened in the Contexts list to eliminate confusion caused by simultaneously navigating your context and action hierarchy.
  • Dropped contexts containing incomplete actions now appear in the Context list when the View settings are set to show remaining actions.
  • Dropped contexts with remaining actions also appear in the “All Actions” list when the View settings are set to see all or remaining actions.
  • Action Groups now display child, due soon, and overdue counts in the Projects list.
  • The Move Action, Move Project and Move Context screens are now uniform and have an improved layout.
  • The Move Action screen no longer filters targets based on the current View settings.
  • Completed sibling actions are omitted from the Move Action screen.
  • The up/down navigation buttons in the Action editor now correctly allow you to traverse all actions in the parent action list.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect sorting of a Perspective’s actions when grouped by a date.
  • Fixed incorrect count metadata when a Context contained a dropped subcontext with remaining actions.
  • Fixed a bug where actions without a context were displayed incorrectly in the Context list when all contexts had been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where the “All Actions” list now immediately appears or disappears from the outline as necessary.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a context from the Contexts list didn’t immediately update the list of actions without a context.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Actions” section header was not correctly removed when deleting a context’s last subcontext.

User Interface
  • Significantly improved the in-app web browser.
  • In Map mode, the Edit button has been replaced with an Add/Remove Pin button.
  • When prompting for your Sync username and password, the username field is pre-filled when possible.
  • Item due dates are right aligned, with a consistent right margin for both flagged and unflagged items.
  • Removed badge counts from Project, Context, and Action lists. Overdue and Due Soon counts are available via the item’s metadata.
  • Item metadata is now drawn in an appropriate color for highlighted rows.
  • Item metadata is no longer drawn in the wrong vertical position if the item’s name is empty.
  • Fixed a bug where the disclosure indicator was incorrectly removed from the “All Actions” row in Edit mode.
  • Fixed a bug where a tap and hold on an action row could result in the checkbox remaining highlighted after the contextual menu appears.
  • Fixed a bug where some rows in the Project or Context picker were incorrectly drawn in gray.
  • Fixed a bug where the last row of the Project or Context picker could not be completely scrolled into view when the on screen keyboard is visible.
  • The Context and Project pickers now have a Cancel button instead of a back button.
  • Improved the layout of rows for the Move Action, Move Project and Move Context screens.
  • Improved interaction with the on screen keyboard on the Search screen.
  • Improved animation as search results are added to or removed from the Search screen.

  • Opening the Settings screen is considerably faster for databases which contain a large number of zip files.
  • Settings are now presented modally. Tap Done in the upper right hand corner of the screen to dismiss them.
  • The settings rows now use a consistent font and style throughout.
  • The undo preference settings is now labelled “Shake to Undo.”
  • Badge count options in Settings have been reordered to Overdue, Due Soon, Flagged.
  • Badge count options are now toggled by tapping anywhere on their row.
  • Fixed a bug where choosing Nothing to disable sync didn’t correctly update the user interface.
  • Fixed a bug where sync settings weren’t applied unless the keyboard was dismissed before navigating back to the top-level Settings screen.
  • The Sync Settings UI correctly uses placeholder text rather than pre-filling the text fields with example values.

  • Fixed a crash when using Quick Entry to add a completed action to OmniFocus while the database is loading.
  • Fixed a crash when cancelling Quick Entry while an audio recording session was active.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when entering the background and using Bonjour syncing.
  • Improved error reporting for corrupt transaction files.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2011-02-23 at 07:21 PM.. Reason: The release is now available on the App Store
finally here! downloading now!
Wow that is really cool.
Thanks Ken
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
[*]When you add a start or due date, the value starts out already set, instead of requiring you to move one of the time wheels first.
It was one of those annoying time-wasting bugs.

Have installed and like the layout with the next actions list... except:

Is there a way to move (or re-order) the Map to the bottom of the list or off the list?
I don't use Map.

I also do not use the map (I only have wifi, and would likely not use maps anyway, even if I could). I wish it were not there at all...especially since Perspectives, which I OFTEN use, is now pushed below the visible screen.

But otherwise, a very exciting release!
First thing I noticed/thought of -- please provide a way to move Map to the bottom of the list. Some people may like it where it is, so the options should be draggable. :)
Really nice update! A lot of little touches to enjoy :) I second what other post say about that it would be nice to somehow move MAP to the buttom.
Looks great so far, other than I too would prefer it if the Perspectives menu were not pushed to the bottom. Other option to make room would be to move Search to the top of the list, but the user would need to pull down to make it visible. I've seen multiple iOS apps that use this effectively.
Just wanted to remind folks that we keep an eye on the forums as we're able, but if you want to be sure that your feedback gets recorded, you're going to want to email the support ninjas. Thanks!

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