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Frequent crashes on undo Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Is anyone else getting this? Basically, once in a while I'll accidentally try to undo past the earliest possible undo point, and that immediately crashes it.

I thought this was only a 5.7 beta issue, but it seems it's been going on for a while. I checked my sent mail archives and it appears it first happened (or I first reported it) in July 2007, back when I was running a 5.6 sneakypeek. I have 16 other CrashCatcher reports of the same bug since then.

I don't think it happens every time I cmd-Z when there's nothing to undo, but I'm not exactly sure how to reproduce it. I'm working on that. Anyway, has this happened to anyone else? It's getting quite annoying.
Not something I've noticed - is it the same thread that crashes each time in those reports (not necessarily the same number, but the same or similar text in the thread that crashed). If so, are there any clues as to what might be the cause?
It's always pretty much the same stack trace, and usually thread 0.

 0 -- 0x96bbf6e8 -- _objc_msgSend
 1 -- 0x90c2f054 -- -[_NSUndoStack popAndInvoke]
 2 -- 0x90c2ee57 -- -[NSUndoManager undoNestedGroup]
 3 -- 0x94ee1e56 -- -[NSApplication sendAction:to:from:]
 4 -- 0x94f907cc -- -[NSMenu performActionForItemAtIndex:]
 5 -- 0x94f904d1 -- -[NSCarbonMenuImpl performActionWithHighlightingForItemAtIndex:]
 6 -- 0x94f90157 -- -[NSMenu performKeyEquivalent:]
 7 -- 0x0005160f -- -[OWBrowserWindow performKeyEquivalent:]
 8 -- 0x94f8e874 -- -[NSApplication _handleKeyEquivalent:]
 9 -- 0x94eabb36 -- -[NSApplication sendEvent:]
10 -- 0x00289490 -- -[OAApplication sendEvent:]
11 -- 0x94e090f9 -- -[NSApplication run]
12 -- 0x00285fcb -- -[OAApplication run]
13 -- 0x94dd630a -- _NSApplicationMain
14 -- 0x00010978 -- _main
15 -- 0x00002dc2 -- __start
16 -- 0x00002ce9 -- start
Are you undoing a form edit (if so, in which type of field?), a bookmark edit, or something else?
Text inputs & textareas. I think it's also happened at least once in the Location bar.
I reported a crash like this a while back. I undid a tab closure.
I should add that I am running the English only release of 5.7 beta 1, FWIW.
Thanks for the additional details! I was able to reproduce the crash, and I've fixed it in revision 98957 (for beta 2).

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