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Available on github <>

Updated and added public frameworks from Omni's current svn trunk.

Highlights include the following...

New code:
- Added OmniUnzip, an ObjC wrapper for reading and writing zip files, based on 'minizip'.
- Added OmniFileStore, which provides a NSFileManager-like interface, but using NSURLs, to find/read/write files across the local filesystem or WebDAV.

Configurations and Scripts:
- Require 10.6
- Use @rpath instead of @executable_path
- Build with gcc 4.2 and the clang static analyzer (top-of-tree is much improved and we build with that too if you want to edit the configs)
- Enabled 64->32 implicit conversion warnings. This catches lots of crufty code at the expense of some spurious warnings.
- Added our workaround for an Xcode misfeature where unit test don't get run for release builds.

- Lots of 64-bit cleanup.
- In some cases, we've just #if'd out code and replaced it with OBFinishPorting (which raises when we hit it).
- Much of OWF and OIF, for example, are slated to be trimmed out since we no longer use them.
- Removed lots of pre-10.6 code and switched to 10.6 variants where applicable. More left to be done.
- Removed other code that we weren't using any more (instead of porting it w/o a real world test).
- Various leak and bug fixes found via top-of-tree clang
- Some work towards GC support.

- Extended and improved our runtime signature verification. This does things like ensure you didn't impelement a protocol and return a 32-bit type when you should have returned a 64-bit type, etc.
- Factored C core API out of some code to better allow inclusion of only C files in system bundles (to avoid possibility of namespace conflicts)

- Factored C core API out of some code to better allow inclusion of only C files in system bundles (to avoid possibility of namespace conflicts)
- Added OFExtent; NSRange but with floats.
- OFHeap uses blocks now.
- OFRandom is now a wrapper around "SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister" from <>
- A bunch more work on signed XML support, CDSA wrappers.
- Add some simple block category methods to containers. More obviously could be done, but we're only adding them as we use them.

- First public release.
- Vaguely NSFileManager-like API that handles local filesystems and WebDAV.
- Includes support for https credentials, typically stored in Keychain, via a delegate (since the actual Keychain APIs differ between iPhone and Mac OS X).
- Support for asynchronous operations (not all implemented).
- Doesn't do everything, notably, no support for condiional GETs, properties, ETags.
- Includes a 'ofs' command line tool, mostly for testing.

- Our ObjC wrapper around the 'minizip' tool.
- Handles NSFileWrapper <-> zip archive
- Handles regular, link and directory file types along with basic metadata.
- Support for moving raw zip members between archives w/o decompressing and recompressing them.

- Added support for declaring properties as being calculated. This makes the properties readonly.
- For one-to-one relationships, require that exactly one side is marked calculated.
- Added starts-with and contains predicate support for strings.
- Added support for marking objects as undeletable.
- Updated delete propagation to issue KVO for to-one relationships of the objects in the deletion set. Also, deleted objects return nil for to-one accessors instead of asserting and crashing. This allows "" key path observations to work (which we didn't use in previous versions).
- Added some (partial) sanity checking that a predicate used for in-memory vs. SQL qualification will result in the same set of objets matching.
- Unconditionally support undo, since the iPhone does now.
- Removed our NSPredicate implementation, now that the iPhone has it (we still have support for building SQL qualifiers, of course).

- Added our (semi-experimental) OATargetSelection categories for customizing the responder chain and finding target for actions more robustly. YMMV. See <> for some notes.
- Some support for block-based NSAlert completion hooks.
- More support for quarantine property operations via NSFileManager category methods.
- NOTE: Many of the tests of the bezier extensions are currently failing due to precision changes when building 64-bit. More updates in the future...

- More work on signed feeds
- Support for compressing common OpenGL extensions into a bitset.
- Fixes to querying display properties.
- OpenCL details added to query
- UI improvements
- More fixes and bullet-proofing of install process
- Beginnings of tool to automate appcast feed generation, including signature generation.
CTO, The Omni Group

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