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I am using Omnifocus for the iPhone only and I had to restore my iPhone. In order to save my database, I copied all the stuff from the /private/var/mobile/Applications/(Omnifocus) via WinSCP onto my Computer and put it all on the iPhone again after I restored it and installed Omnifocus again. First the Database was loaded nicely, but I could't make any new entries because of an "SQL Error". Then I installed Omnifocus again and copied just the (Omnifocus)\Library\Caches\com.omnigroup.OmniFocus \OmniFocusDatabase2 onto the iPhone.
Unfortunatly there are no entries on OmniFocus on the iPhone if I start the App now.
How am I supposed to get the data back on there? And what is the best (free is prefered) solution to back up the database in future?
Do you have access to a WebDAV server? It won't help you for the current situation, but you can set up the sync feature and you'll have a recent backup automatically on the server. If something happens to the phone, you just reset your local database and reload from the server copy. Unfortunately, not every WebDAV server hews closely enough to the spec, but Apple's MobileMe service works, and if you've got access to a box running the Apache webserver (such as a Mac running 10.4 or later), it is known to work as well. Check the OmniFocus Syncing forum for more ideas on which servers work acceptably.

Hopefully someone more familiar with the iPhone backup process can help you with the current problem!
@ whpalmer4

Thanks for the info so far. I may set up one of these solutions later on, but first of all I have to get back my database :)
I hope someone here can explain what happened and what to do. I am quite sure that all the data is in this database file I still have on my computer. So the only issue is how to get it back onto the iPhone the right way, so Omnifocus will accept it as its own database without errors...
You ought to contact the support ninjas by email to to get some help with the restoration of your current database. They don't necessarily read the forum postings as regularly as they do the support email. Hopefully they know exactly what you need to do here.
iTunes backs up your phone from time to time, and this includes your OmniFocus database. I'm not actually sure what, if anything, can be done at this point; you'll want to mail the support ninjas and we'll see what we can do.

The expected way to take care of this would be to use the iTunes restore feature and then just launch OmniFocus. If you restore again from your most recent backup, does OmniFocus behave as expected?

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Ok, I will probably sent them an email tonight.

But I also have a question about the WebDAV. Is there a host who offers a free WebDAV space that is just big enought for a Omnifocus Database Backup? I would probably try out this solution then. If advertisement is not allowed here, please send me the links via PM.
There is a sticky thread for listing hosts that provide free WebDAV space:

P.S. Be aware that it is very unlikely that these free hosts use any form of encryption for your data while synching, so if you have sensitive work data in your database, I wouldn't use them and would just plunk down the money for one that does (e.g. MobileMe).

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