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Originally Posted by BwanaZulia
Well, neither phone nor iPod are said to have built in calendars so your arguement goes out the window.
Hmm. Not sure what you mean here. Sort of sounds like you're remaking my point for me, that the the iPhone's built-in calendar is presented in the marketing materials as an afterthought or not at all while it's identification as a new kind of iPod is front and center.

But hey, I'm not arguing that task and note syncing aren't sorely missed features. I'd be surprised if they weren't part of some of the first available updates. As you must know by now, the software had to be updated before the phone could even be activated which means they were massaging it until the last possible moment. Also evidenced by the relatively late arrival of some of the how to videos in the days just before release. My guess is that there simply wasn't time for these features, especially since they involved syncing which is bound to be the one of the most problematic domains to program in for this device.

Anyhow, congrats on the new toy. I wish I had one but for now I'm leaving it up to pioneers like yourself to wear down the trail a bit.

Last edited by whalt; 2007-07-03 at 02:18 AM..
Ah, the joys of being a first adopter. ;)

I am sure something will come - there's just too much demand. As I noted in another post, the felt marker font used in the notes app is too alike that in 10.5 to not be a coincidence.

Apple planning host of iPhone updates before Leopard release: source

By Aidan Malley
Published: 03:25 PM EST
While the more cautious phone buyers have stayed away from the iPhone for numerous practical reasons, one source claims that Apple's handset is due to solve most of these problems with upgrades in coming months -- many of which will arrive with or before the company's Mac OS X upgrade.

A Palo Alto mobile user interface designer that regularly associates with Apple employees has reportedly been told that many of the features lacking from the iPhone are already scheduled as part of future updates, most of which should arrive on or before the October release of the revamped Mac OS.

Some of these updates may arrive within weeks. A true instant messaging client described as a mobile version of iChat, will arrive "very, very soon" and certainly before Leopard, the designer says. Customized ringtones were also set to appear within the same timeframe.

But fall 2007 is when the iPhone's features are set to expand in earnest, he adds. The iPhone will not only gain a disk mode for transferring computer files but should also receive a full-fledged file browser that lets users store and open documents. Its omission from the iPhone software made available in June was supposedly made primarily because the company wants a fully developed browser very similar to that found in Mac OS X Leopard, including the option of Cover Flow browsing.

Leopard itself will also allegedly include hooks for the iPhone, opening an enhanced file window in Finder for dragging files to and from the device. Like the iPod shuffle, users will be able to set aside a certain amount of the iPhone's flash storage for iTunes content and the rest for general data.

Microsoft's expected fall launch of Office 2008 for Mac will also provide justification for the critical addition of full Exchange sync support, according to one of the UI developer's Apple-employed friends. In what may be an expansion of Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs allusion to official announcements on the matter, the friend claims that iPhones will be able to synchronize with Exchange Server without the insecure IMAP setting required today.

Less specifically-timed upgrades are also slated for the future, if the report proves accurate. iWork should be available in mobile form and will at the very least allow the display of Keynote slideshows beyond today's basic Excel and Word viewing in the iPhone's e-mail client. A simple auto-discovering file sharing system, "Spotlight-like" search, and widescreen typing should all upgrade the phone's core features at varying points throughout the current phone's life cycle.

The Apple employees are also purportedly aware of intents to bring in support for third-party applications, including Adobe's Flash. In at least the case of the animation plugin, however, performance optimizations and security measures are needed before it can be used on the slower and potentially more vulnerable mobile device.

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