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Preserve the outline column in a narrow window? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I created an outline of categories (level 1) and attributes (level 2), to which I've added a column for each "instance" (i.e., a collection of attribute values). The display looks a lot like a spreadsheet.

As I add instances, I have to increase the width of the OO window. I'm now at the point where the OO window is taking too much screen real estate. But when I narrow the OO window, the outline (1st column) is squeezed until it's a single character wide. After that, a horizontal scroll bar appears (because none of the other columns are squeezed.

Is the squeezing of the first (outline) column an OO feature? an OO bug? or something I can avoid or work around?
This is standard behavior. The outline column is the only one that will auto adjust to avoid accidently resizing other columns. I take it you want a horizontal scroll bar? You can detach the outline column width from the window width by forcing the other columns to move past the window border. When you mouse over the column titles you will see divider lines, click and drag on the divider line between the outline column and the one to the right of it and drag that to the right.

Derek M.
Support Ninja
The Omni Group
Thanks, Derek, for the speedy work-around.

I forced a horizontal scroll bar by dragging the width of the rightmost column just a tad to the right. Now when I make the window narrower, the outline column stays put, and columns disappear off the right side of the window.

That's a huge improvement over what I had before. But when I move the horizontal scroll bar so I can see the rightmost columns, the outline (first) column disappears. Since this column is the name/label of the values that appear in columns 2-n, I'm left with values floating in space.

What I'd really like is for the horizontal scroll bar to appear only under columns 2-n, leaving the outline column always visible. I've seen this behavior is some applications with split-screen scroll bars.

While I wait for split-screen OmniOutliner, I can drag value columns of current interest to be near the outline column.

P.S. Although OmniOutliner's outline scrunching may be "standard behavior," it seems non-obvious and could/should be classified as a usability bug.

Last edited by Ward; 2007-03-27 at 03:59 PM.. Reason: add a P.S.
Freeze panes ability is something we're keeping in mind for future releases.
Originally Posted by DerekM View Post
Freeze panes ability is something we're keeping in mind for future releases.
What did you decide?

I'm trying to assemble a rather complex outline, with two dozen columns, and the inability to freeze the first column is a killer. Will have to abandon this, and use something like Excel.

OmniOutliner for iPad might be the ticket you can hide columns, and slide the additional columns to the right of the outline behind the outline.

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