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Request: Snow Leopard 'Substitutions' support [Smart Quotes] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I just started using OmniOutliner -- and so far I'm not seeing that it supports smart quotes? Is there any way to accommodate this? For some of the kinds of things I'd be storing in it this is essential.

There are a couple of different things people mean when they refer to “smart quotes” — what are you interested in?
Meaning -- typographers' quotes. Instead of foot and inch marks.


— John

Originally Posted by Wim Lewis
There are a couple of different things people mean when they refer to “smart quotes” — what are you interested in?
Originally Posted by jctracey
Meaning -- typographers' quotes. Instead of foot and inch marks.
Alt-( left and right square or curly brace ) will get you left/right single/double asymmetric quote marks, in almost any Mac app.

(The normal ASCII ' mark is an apostrophe, but since it's also used for single quotes and “foot” and “prime” and “minutes of arc” and so on, most fonts make it very generic looking.)
<ignore>I see SL has some kind of built-in OS support for smart (typographer’s quotes). While it’s clearly possible to hand-type them, the widespread availability of smart quotes in other apps (and the confusing correlative that in some of them using the alt-shift key combos then reverts back to the straight variant) means life would be much simplified if I could rely on similar behaviour in OO.

Any chance of enabling</ignore>

Oh. Ignore me. Already possible. Control-click on text and go to Substitutions > Smart Quotes in the pop-up.
I use OmniOutliner to store all my uni notes. I love it. I need not say more!

Snow Leopard has a lovely substitutions feature (smart quotes, dashes, text substitution and data collectors). It's very efficient (particularly when you're speed-typing during a lecture) and integrates automatically with Pages.

Currently, you can turn on text substitutions in OmniOutliner manually (right-click). But they turn off after the document is closed. You can force text substitutions to stay on for all Cocoa applications with a defaults tweak. OmniOutliner doesn't respect this either (this may be purposeful by Apple to ensure old apps don't break; developers have to manually approve this in their app.)

Please support all substitutions in the next update.
I have requested this of Omni for several years now. Please, please do this! It is my single most annoying gripe about Omni Outliner Pro.
You have to turn it on for every single document, every time you access that document. It is infuriating. Please, Omni, maintain the activation state of that Substitutions > Smart Quotes selection!
This is one of the feature requests that's open in the development database; folks that would like to see the change should email the support ninjas and let them know you'd also like to see this added. Thanks!
I would love to have this, I hate having to manually check each of the substitutions multiple times a day. Why wasn't this included is beyond me. I love the program, it's my only beef with it.

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