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Feature request: flags Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Please display a flag icon on the flagged items while in the context view.
There will be an orange semicircular blob in the right hand gutter with a white flag in it on any flagged action. If you've flagged the containing project or action group instead of the action itself, the blob will instead be black with a dashed orange outline.
Thanks, Bill... I see it now.

It would, however, make more sense for it to be in the left hand gutter, rather than the right hand. Your eye is already geared to look to the left where the text is, and over on the right... well, you just don't naturally look there... you have to think about it. The point is to draw your attention to it, and that's just not the best place to do so.

Kind of like the difference between something standing up and waving at you, and something hiding in the bushes that you have hunt for.
For a user of the Mac application, the right hand placement makes more sense, because that's where they are on the Mac. Also, dates are on the right hand side, so there's already reason to be looking over there even if you don't use the Mac app.
I don't have the Mac application...

Maybe make it user definable, so you can use it the way that makes sense to you.
By the time the iPad app was in the field, there were many thousands of users of the Mac app, a large percentage of whom went on to purchase the iPad app.

If you want to make a feature request, use the Contact Omni command in the gear menu. That gets the request into their development database, and work is prioritized in part by how many requests are made. For the most part, they seem to be avoiding much in the way of display customization for the iOS apps, unlike the Mac app, except where there is a strong functional impact (badge customization, for example, or whether start dates are included in forecast view).

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