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hey Omni folks,

First off, huge thanks the amazing update. I liked OO3 too, but because of the lack of zooming and the not-so awesome style options, I did jump around to some other outlining programs (scrivener, evernote, workflowy), but now my dalliance with those programs is pretty much toast. I've been with OO4 throughout the entire testing period and I'm in love. Thanks so much.

After all the hard work, I hate to pile on new requests, but... one thing I'd love to see in OO4 are tags. In Evernote and workflowy I came to really love tag functionality (I've also seen people requesting "filters" in the forums. I feel tags would be a simple way to get the functionality those people want as well).

Workflowy is a great example of how to handle tags, and I bet it would be pretty easy to implement something similar in OO4. The way it works is that in the body of any outline bullet point, you can put a hashtag in front of a word to create a "tag." (So if it's a recipe list you would tag a post #vegetarian or #spicy). (maybe in OO you could hide these in the "notes" section).

So then if you search for or click on a specific tag, the program isolates all the bullet point notes marked with with that tag, regardless of what section they're in. (so if your recipe outline was organized by "entrees," "salads," etc, you could click the #veggie hashtag to see all vegetarian options across the board).

I'm a writer, so this function is really awesome for keeping track of various things in a long document (tags for specific characters, #actionscene, #plotholeNeedsfixing, etc...)

I'm hoping it wouldn't be too hard to implement. It's basically what you guys called "hoisting" in OO3 (not sure what the nomenclature is for OO4) where you focus on the bullet points in on one section of an outline. This is the same thing, but basically "hoisting" specific bullets across multiple sections. Maybe a script could even pull this off? Anyway...

Still loving this program without tags, but if you guys could add them, you'd have the most badass outlining app on the planet!

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