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Forgive me if this has been addressed in the forums elsewhere - I have looked around but haven't found anything quite the same as the (only slightly) annoying badge issue I have.

Recently (last couple of weeks) I have noticed that I get a persistent 'overdue' badge notification in the sidebar. There is nothing overdue and I cannot find anything hidden in Projects or Contexts that might be causing this. The Dock icon shows no badge, the iPhone app shows no badge - it only appears in the sidebar against the top Project Folder (not against any projects).

This has started happening since I have started marking overdue actions as complete in the iPhone app then syncing over bonjour at home.

I know I can turn off the sidebar notification in preferences - I tried that then started it again to see if this cleared the incorrect badge. No luck.

The badge disappears when the project folder ('Work projects') is expanded and reappears when collapsed.

It's not critical but it bugs me. Why is it doing this, and why can't I fix it? The only cure seems to be to shut down the mac and restart - but that's a very Windows-type solution to problem-solving (and that makes me sad!).

Any advice welcome...

I've attached two files - collapsed and expanded.
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I'm really sorry for the trouble this is causing!

I don't think we've encountered something like this before - it would be very helpful if you could get in touch with the support ninjas so we can investigate the problem with you.
Thanks for the tip - I'll email them later.

I've had this same problem for quite a while, and it bugs the crap out of me! Let me know if you find anything out from the support ninjas--I don't have time to go that route at the moment.

The other thing I've tried in the past to fix it is to "Rebuild Database..." from the "File" menu, but I don't believe that's ever worked.

I sync from my iPhone over WebDAV, not Bonjour, so it's not a Bonjour-specific problem.
Is it at all related to my problem with overdue projects in no context that show up now that project can have a context?
I have a related issue, I think, with OF for Mac 1.8.1. I have a folder called "Family" and within that folder, I have another folder called "Birthdays" and then a separate project for my sister-in-law's wedding.

When the top folder "Family" is closed, it shows a red badge with 2 overdue actions when using the Project View. When I click the triangle next to the Family folder to open it up, the badge disappears. I have tried searching for these overdue items every which way, but nothing comes up. The dock icon does not show any overdue items.
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Last edited by cgriffin; 2010-10-07 at 08:22 PM..
I see this problem as well on folders. I am looking at a folder right now under which there is a project which had an item due today. I checked it off on my iPhone and synced, then when I got to work synced my desktop client. The item disappeared and the dock badge also updated appropriately, but the folder which contains the project in question is showing the wrong count, but only when collapsed. When I expand the folder, the badge disappears.

I've seen a problem like this with folders on the iPad and iPhone clients too. I had a project yesterday with about 15 items, all due yesterday. I completed them all, checked them all off, then marked the project completed. The mobile clients both insisted I had a number of due and overdue items on the folder which contained the project in question. Eventually it figured it out and updated the count correctly, but I don't know if I performed a specific trigger event to fix it.
If all of you who are having these issues would contact the support ninjas, especially if you are willing to provide them with a copy of your database, the likelihood that this can be reproduced and remedied will go up...
I had just sent in an email before you posted. I'll follow up with the ninjas on providing a copy of my database.
One of the support ninjas emailed me back with this suggested fix:

You may want to try refreshing the application's cache by doing the following:

- Open a Finder window

- Navigate to Library/Caches in your home folder

- Move the folder "com.omnigroup.OmniFOcus" to the Trash

- Relaunch OmniFocus
This worked for me -- the red badge is gone. Thanks Omni support!

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