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1.02 - Local WebDav stopped working Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I had previously gotten WebDav on my MacBook Pro working flawlessly between OmniFocus 1.1 and OmniFocus for iPhone 1.01. Just updated the iPhone app to 1.02 and now syncing seems to be broken. No other changes

OmniFocus 1.1 sneakypeak version is v77.9.0.103571
OmniFocus for iPhone v1.02 v77.8.0.103469

Suggestions? Figure I'll be patient before I start resetting, deleting, etc.

UPDATE: I should also mention that I did the update via the App Store and not iTunes. I know there have been reports that doing updates via iTunes can be a little less problematic with iPhone apps in general.

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"and now syncing seems to be broken"

Could you please be more specific? Does it sync but not get your data? Or does it spin and spin for a really long time? Or crash? Are you seeing any error messages?
Yikes - sorry. Should have known better than to leave the details hanging like that.

Message I get is "Unable to synchronize database with server. timed out"

Again, no changes whatsoever from prior to upgrading to 1.02 when everything synced fine. In fact, I successfully synced just prior to updating.

I initially attempted to re-share my settings but that timed out as well.

To make matters worse, tonight I did removed OmniFocus 1.02 from my phone and did a full back up of the phone - reinstalling 1.02 from iTunes. As a result, I've now not only been unable to sync but I've lost everything that was in the database on the phone before. I did go through process of sharing my settings from sneakypeak to the phone and the phone did recognize the setting properly. But still no successful sync.

I'm being patient, but will admit to being very, very bummed that things have stopped working. It had taken quite a bit of time and effort to properly get WebDav running on my MacBook Pro (because of my lack of experience is setting up WebDav). Once I did I was quite psyched that it all worked.

Completely recognize that OmniFocus 1.1 is still in beta, but it is a bit frustrating to have a Desktop app and Phone app that I've paid for and now they've stopped working together. I trust things will begin working again in due time. But it is tough to be patient. Love OmniGroup, OmniFocus, et. al. So no slam intended here. Just an anxious (yes, impatient) user.
Exact same thing happened to me except for the last disaster. My syncing stopped working (same error message as you) right after the update to new iTunes yesterday.

I downgraded OmniFocus for iPhone to 1.01. I did this by removing OmniFocus from the phone. Removing OmniFocus from iTunes. Deleting the OmniFocus.ipa file from my computer. Grabbing the 1.01 .ipa file that I had backup prior to upgrading (I manually did this) and re synced the phone.

It did successfully put 1.01 back on the phone, but I am still unable to sync.

Realize this was probably a futile effort, but - since I still had a 1.01 .ipa file - I figured I'd give it a shot.
I would recommend going back to 1.0.2. Then run the script I posted here to clean up your OmniFocus file on the Mac. (Tell OmniFocus to make a backup first so you don't lose anything else.) Then try syncing the Mac to the server. Once that's happy, try syncing the iPhone.
No luck. Here's exactly what I did:

1) Opened OmniFocus 1.1 and Selected File > Back Up Database...
2) Downloaded and ran script
3) Opened OmniFocus 1.1 preferences and pressed Sync Now - sync was successful
4) On the iPhone (running 1.02) I clicked the Sync button after about 30 seconds I got the "Unable to synchronize database with server. timed out" message.

After that was unsuccessful I reset the iPhone and ran through steps 1-4 again. Still no success.

So I'm at a bit of a loss. Makes me wonder if something got changed in my WebDav settings somehow. I can still mount the WebDav directory with no issues - for what it's worth.
step 3.5) Reset Database on the iPhone. It's in the Settings pane.
Re-did the whole process adding step 3.5. Still no luck. Same message.

Tried the process twice. Followed completely through the first time. Didn't work. Followed through the same steps a second time and after I had updated the settings on the phone by grabbing them from the Share Settings process. I clicked the sync button on the phone and the app crashed. Reopened OmniFocus on the iPhone and got the crash report. Went ahead and mailed it. Went through the process a third time. Same result: app crashed. Reset the phone. Went through everything one last time. No crash, but still no syncing. Same "unable to sync...." message.

The lack of other comments from users around this issue certainly leads me to wonder if this is a local problem. Certainly wouldn't rule that out, but the lack of ANY other changes on the phone or the Mac makes me really scratch my head. Not sure where to begin from that perspective.
I'm syncing using a local webdav installation and for me, syncinc has just stopped working since I installed the 1.0.2 version on my ipod. No error messages, nothing. The Omnifocus.ofocus file on my webdav server has begun growing again as well.

All the instructions above about downgrading, resetting etc really scare me and honestly, I don't have time to try all that out. A productivity app should just work and right now I'm very, very disappointed about how things work. I feel I'm beta-testing your software and that wasn't part of the deal when I bought the mobile client :-(

What is a simple way to get things working again?


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