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1.) Can somebody at Omni please make a deal with FileMaker and acquire the best OS9 outliner to date - IN CONTROL 3.5 - and integrate it into OmniOutliner?

2.) Please provide an online version of OmniOutliner (Google Docs has the right idea, but they don't have an outliner - yet).



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Here's a screen shot of IN CONTROL 3.5:


any news on omnioutliner pro ? why is it taking so long ?
Outliner 4 is definitely on our "we will do this" list, but we have to perfect our engineer-cloning technology before we can start working on any more projects. ;-)
LOL! I wish you all the luck :)
It's worth noting that much of the work that we are doing on OmniFocus will be in OO4 in the future.

Hi all, I used to use some Omni software a *long* time ago on NeXT TurboColor workstations. I recently purchased a Mac and so am looking into OmniGroup software again.

I'll be running a small but intense project this summer and am looking for project management software. OmniPlan seems overkill for group smaller than five people. OmniOutliner looks much more like what I need but a few features would really hit the nail on the head.

1) Collaboration. This is easily the most important feature for me. There's a product called Process which comes close with this. They allow realtime collaboration over the network but not in a very configurable way. My group is spread across the United States so local network discovery doesn't help me very much. The previous post about syncing with a db server would solve my problem very nicely. Ad-hoc collaboration would be nice too, but I'm getting greedy.

2) Revision control. I store everything in svn, and while svn can store binary files, I can't do a meaningful diff on binary files. The easy fix for this would be to store the file as a text file. Yes, this would create bloat, but svn only stores diffs across revisions so no real bloat. An even better solution would be svn integration. This would allow you to "publish to svn" or something like that and you could put features in to view the history of the file. Text files would be unnecessary with this.

Of course the db integration would take care of revision control, but then a nice way to do both would be have a local sqlite file. I've seen db server/sqlite connectivity in some sort of app before. I think they did it that way because then the app can always think its talking to a server and it just makes it somewhat easier to program.

Anyway, sorry for being so long winded.

Dave, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that OO3 doesn't support collaboration. It's not out of the question that OO4 will get it, but certainly not guaranteed (our styling capabilities are one thing that make simultaneous editing difficult, if that's what you're looking for) and OO4 is not imminent in any case. Sorry I don't have better news on that front.

The good news is that while the default is for OO to write documents in compressed form, you can turn that off on a per-document basis via the Document: Advanced inspector (uncheck "Compress on Disk"). You can turn this off on the default document template to have future documents automatically default to uncompressed. (The uncompressed form is XML.) We use this internally so we can store our documents in Subversion with meaningful diffs.

my wish list for 4.0 would be:

1. enhanced attachment tags (image scaling, collapse all tags, print with/ without tags,)
2. optional "paste text" that treats paragraphs as new rows. a sort of option for auto-ctrl-return.
3. clones
Originally Posted by kristian
2. optional "paste text" that treats paragraphs as new rows
Paragraphs will paste into new rows if you paste out of text editing mode.

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