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I tried the same as 'demos' and it finally seemed actually speak to omni-focus as it called to open the app, so I thought great here we go
but nothing.
The rule is working as it moves the mail out the inbox into the seletced archived but still it does not show in the OF inbox?

I have tried from external gmail accounts other POP accounts
updates to todays version delete the rule
took the sig off
all to no avail?

please help omni?
Sorry, I diagnosed the problem, but I forgot we had multiple threads on this, or I would have posted here, too.

The mail rule cannot handle Rich Text format text: we've got a bug written up on this, but as a workaround, you should set your mail client to send plain text emails to OmniFocus. It'll start working then.
Thanks Brian,
Still no luck, I have sent 'text format' mails from both Gmail and to myself in mail with "--" as the subject it fires up the applescript as now the OF is opened by the mal (this did not happen before) but nothing appears in the inbox of OF?? this is so frustrating.

What do you suggest
Come on Brian!
I have now bought a licence and installed OF on a machine that has never had it on. and I STILL can't use the mail to feature this is very frustrating for me and I'm sure many others what do you suggest?
MrBrown: It sounds like you are encountering an additional bug, if the suggestions above did not address your problem. The best way to get more complicated bugs like this figured out and fixed is to email us directly.

Last edited by Lizard; 2008-01-10 at 10:46 AM.. Reason: added more explanation
Yep, sorry I didn't see this before now, but I have to remind folks: if you want a guaranteed response, you need to email us.

The first post in this thread applies here:
Please submit bug reports and feature requests via email!
I have done Lizard and I still have not had a response.
Sorry to winge but this is really frustrating for me.

I receive email instructions from my boss to my PC at work and want a way to get them into omnifocus without requiring him to use any special characters or syntax and without my having to interrupt my workflow to check email. Here is what I have accomplished so far:
  • Thunderbird on my PC forwards emails from him by rule to a specific inbox in on my macbook
  • the send to omnifocus rule in has been adjusted so it processes any message coming into that mailbox
  • allowed senders is set (for now) to him or me to preclude spam
  • I've inserted code in the script to be sure that all such emails have a subject beginning with "--" even when they don't (although I'm unclear this is necessary)
Of course this process puts these messages into my inbox in OF. But I want these messages to always have the same project and context by default (and I need to add them in the script). I don't know what applescript code I need to get the parsetasks command to do so. If I can get this, I know how to get the script to excecute a "cleanup" in OF so the tasks are properly relocated.
This is the crucial part, but I hope to add one additional tweak: adjust the subject of the message depending on the sender, so that I can tell at a glance which of several people delegated it to me. But I think I can sort that out.
I will probably send this as an email to support, but any suggestions from the community would be appreciated. Thanks

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