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I think there are a number of features found only in the Mac edition which Omni should port in some fashion to the iPad if they are serious about making OmniFocus for iPad a true standalone product. Creating perspectives without the use of a Mac is certainly high on the list.

However, the first release of any Omni product is never their final vision for what it should be in the fullness of time. It is a reasonable assumption that many of the OmniFocus for iPad customers were initially OmniFocus for Mac customers. That assumption allows for some flexibility on the decisions about which features must be in 1.0 vs. which features would be nice to have in 1.0. Especially with the built-in perspectives provided, I think OmniFocus for iPad works pretty well on its own, and many of the users who really want to push it are likely to be Mac owners who will want the Mac version as well (which is, after all, a much more powerful and flexible application than the iPad version). As time passes and the installed base grows, however, the set of people left behind by those simplifying assumptions should be getting large enough to merit attention to building perspectives on the iPad, if they are vocal about wanting such a feature. Even those of us who have a Mac would probably make use of it I know I would, which is why I long ago sent in my request for it to

Another obvious missing feature is the ability to support project-based perspectives. Ken told me he had some ideas on how to do this, but never got the chance to turn the ideas into code customers could run. If I had to choose between the two, I'm not sure which I would want more, the ability to create/modify perspectives on the iPad, or the ability to have project-mode perspectives on the iPad. It might be safest to request both :-)

Finally, the Mac offers the ability to focus on one or more projects and/or folders, and to switch to context mode showing only the actions from that focused group. This is one of the major advantages the Mac has over the iPad. It can be emulated on the iPad with a perspective, but only if you had the foresight to create one while you were at the Mac. Getting the ability to create perspectives on the iPad gets you a slightly clunky version of this for free (clunky that you have to create a perspective first, but many people will be using the same perspectives over and over (work/personal being an obvious example) so not unacceptably clunky, IMO).
Originally Posted by whshep View Post
My working system is actually different. I keep projects in different folders, according to the larger project (a system I started in graduate school, with a different folder for each class; OF support staff tried to talk me into using projects for classes, and and items and sub-items for each class project, but that never worked). Within the folders, the projects are arranged more or less by creation date, since I always knew I could sort them in Context view, which is what I work from day-by-day.

So you see in any one Context, I could have items not only from different projects, but different folders (which serve as uber-Projects). To try to arrange them in Project view by order of importance would be impossible.

The genius of OF Mac is that you can do the kind of thing I did and make it work, even when it was intended to be used some other way. That's what we pay the big bucks for.

Since we've paid a lot for OF iPad, we expect similar versatility.

Clever. And a good workaround for people like me who want more robust sorting.

But I still want more robust sorting!
It's interesting that, in response to the question about why OmniFocus iPad is so expensive, that OmniFocus says it's because it's not a companion product but is rather a standalone product but I keep seeing answers to basic problems being things that need to be sync'd from desktop.
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
For the issue to be fixed, it would first have to be broken. It isn't broken, it just isn't the way you want it. It matches the default settings in the Contexts perspective on the Mac. If you want a Contexts view on the iPad that behaves like the iPhone, take the Mac Contexts perspective, change the view bar to sort by due, save as a new perspective, and sync. Use that perspective instead of the built-in Contexts perspective on the iPad.
I think OMnifocus just set a world record. $40 for iPad app. Now I need $60 for the Mac version and, oh yeah, $1000 for a Mac to run it on. So $1100 for an iPad app. Wow.
Originally Posted by kknorpp001 View Post
I think OMnifocus just set a world record. $40 for iPad app. Now I need $60 for the Mac version and, oh yeah, $1000 for a Mac to run it on. So $1100 for an iPad app. Wow.
Well, by an extension of that reasoning, even a free iPad app costs at least $499.

Even if we do accept your argument that one needs to buy OmniFocus for Mac and a suitable Mac in order to use the iPad app (one doesn't), it is not the case that you need to spend $1000 for a Mac which could run OmniFocus. Ignoring the very cheap route of buying a pre-owned Mac, you can buy a new Mac Mini from Apple for $599.

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