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do you intend to add a Today view to OF?
This is the most usefull feature for me, which is lacking in kGTD. I have to sync with my palm to have this view.

Thanks in advance!
Originally Posted by Raff View Post
do you intend to add a Today view to OF?
This is the most usefull feature for me, which is lacking in kGTD. I have to sync with my palm to have this view.
If your goal is to see tasks that have a due date of today, you can do this already: switch to context view and, with the view bar, group by due date. If you have any tasks due today, one of the groupings will be "Today." You can also sort actions by due date within any other grouping.

Generally, though, OmniFocus is not supposed to be a calendar replacement. That's why it syncs with iCal (and any other program that uses sync services). A separate "today view" would go against the grain of GTD.

(By the way, most of us on the forum are alpha testers, or would-be alpha testers, not Omni folks, though some of them read and post to the forums. If you have a question specifically for Omni, you should send them feedback, not post in the forum.)
Thanks for the tip!

However, iCal is a really bad tasks management application, and its today view is neither able to just list today tasks, nor to display it selectively as OmniFocus (I would have to deselect all calendars but one).

As OmniFocus is intented to be a task manager focussed in focus, it seems logical to ask for a straightforward "today" focus.
So that I would be able to focus on my daily tasks, and only that. Seeing the whole bunch of tasks is great for organising; seeing the today tasks is great to process first what we have to have processed today without a fault.
I don't see the point about pure GTD, because if such a view exists, you are not forced to use it, and if it may increase the productivity of some of us, helping us to "FOCUS" on our today task, I think it may have to do with this great piece of software. Don't you think so? :)
Omni apps tend to give you the tools you need to do what you want, but don't try to do everything for you. This is how they avoid creating ugly bloatware. If they added every feature that anyone would think to ask about, then it would bog down the application and make the other features harder to find. The argument that "you are not forced to use it" doesn't address this problem.

For your particular request, you can easily create your own Today view. So, there's no need for a built in feature. Here's how to create and save your own Today view:

1. Set up context view to group by tasks due today.
2. Collapse all tasks sections for tomorrow and the future.
3. Choose Perspective -> Save Perspective

Now your Today view is available from the Perspectives menu. In the future you'll be able to name perspectives, which will make this easier to use. Hope that helps!

Thanks a lot!!!

N.B. I understand your point.
I really agree with you that iCal sucks as an interface for task management. I plan to write a rant about that after OF gets to version 1.0.

For now, I ended up creating a Context named Today which contains all the tasks that have to be done today. These are tasks that David Allen would put on his calendar as all-day events, part of the hard landscape for today, even though they are not scheduled for a particular time.
I'm relatively new to GTD, but it seems to me that being able to see/print out a list of tasks grouped first by date (or today), then by context is core to the system. I sent a comment to OF about this a while back and it wasn't possible to do it then. Maybe it's possible to do now, but perhaps I'm not familiar enough with how everything works in OF to make it happen.

Here's exactly what I'd like to see:
DATE (August 8, 2007)
@ Computer
Send comments to OF Project (ie OF Alpha
Respond to email
@ Phone
Call Judy re wkend
Call Jerry re mtg date Project (ie Alpha Corp)
@ Errands
Is there a way to get this perspective with the current build? Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


I am afraid not, although I stand ready to be corrected by my betters.

You cannot _filter_ by two criteria simultaneously.

My thought is you should be able to sync actions with dates in ical instead of the todo list. I only have a few things that come up that I want in my calendar and I usually just enter them there and not in OF because it's a chore. That weakens my GTD, dudes.

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