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I've went through a phase where I had multiple subcontexts but realized that was just taxonomy and it does work better to just focus on a Project or Folder if, for example, I want to do only work things on the computer while at work. I do still use subcontexts under Agenda and Waiting For, and all the other contexts are just places. Errands does still include a few specific places as subcontexts, but I find I've even aggregated those into clusters of places that are a few minutes apart by car, separating those in opposite directions from home.

The Computer, Email, offline, etc bit is still not quite right. What I'm trying right now is to have just Computer with the subcontext Phone. I find that for the kind of calls I put into OF, I like to be working from my computer where I have my address book and can source information I need on the call and record any notes--a call is not just about the phone. But sometimes I make those calls while on the road and it's just me and my PDA.
PJB, my computer tasks fall into three contexts:

Macintosh: things I can do on my Mac, regardless of place/time
Macintosh:Online things I can only do online
Macintosh Offline things I can do offline, redundant with the first, I just realized.

I do have times when I have my laptop but no internet connection, so the distinction is useful to me.

Other subcontexts are (for me) just silly.
I've got a fairly small set of contexts at the moment.

@Office (personal)
@Office (work)
Phone Calls
Waiting For

Office is split into two seperate contexts as I work from home and that represents a division in time between personal and work time. School in my sense is a work location as I teach martial arts.
  • agendas: with a sub context for each contact/company that I have an agenda for. I only started doing it this way since OF came around with sub contexts, so it's still in beta and I'm not sure if I'm sticking with it.
  • Any Location: for those little tasks I can do any time any place. This is the kind of stuff you do in a waiting room or during a procrastination dash.
  • bills: repeating tasks that give me a heads up so the lights don't get turned off. I use this kind of like remind actually (have the same info duplicated in remind in fact, displayed via geektool). I like using OF for this because I can check off a bill that has been paid so I don't have to remember if I paid it already.
  • calls
  • Campus
  • Campus - labtime: not a sub-context because it really is a different context for me
  • email: like calls but not
  • errands
  • Home
  • Mac
  • Reading
    • Read/Review: stuff I need/want to read for my own reasons
    • Reading for School: stuff for school so most of these have deadlines
  • Web: for when all I need is web access to look something up or do something
  • Work
  • Cogitate: for things that need to be planned, researched and thought through before any real action can take place. Sort of like a Someday/Maybe list but with more commitment.
  • Waiting For
  • Someday/Maybe: Not active. I had this in KGTD, but I'm not really using it in OF. I have a list of Someday/Maybe things in VoodooPad right now, and I think I'm going to stick with that because I can take notes and write out lists or add images and whatnot to my Someday/Maybe list then.

There's some logic behind which contexts are capitalized and which are not. I know this because I think about those contexts in different ways, but I don't think I could explain in any succinct way what the logic behind that decision is.

I never got into the whole "@" thing, so I don't use it.

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I love hierarchy. I use the pholders in projects and contexts. I do nothing tricky with my context names except "money" which is my context for when I have extra money. The way my income works, I have poor periods and I need to be able to prioritize expensive things when I have the money -- "like hire a photographer" or "buy new road case".

"Thinking" is helpful when I need to drive during rush hour. I'll look at all my thinking tasks and put my mind to them while I'm driving. Who needs a radio when you could be GTD.

I use a project folder for someday / maybe. right click and uncheck active. easy.

instead of a "waiting" context, I'll put "waiting" in the action name with a date so I know if I should follow up. e.g...
jack about lighting rig : waiting (july 10) @emails

That way, I know that I emailed him already, and if I am working on emails and I want to follow up, it's a good time.

++Trader Joes
++Grocery any

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