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First let me say that I am SOOO glad that it is the omni group that is taking on this project since it was omnioutliner that immediately came to my mind when I first read GTD.

I should mention that I am a) NOT a programmer so I am only looking at this thing from the standpoint of an end user, and b) I am relatively new to using GTD but I have certainly read through the book several times and started implementing the system as best I can.

What struck me about the GUI for OF is that, although it seems to have a great way to deal with the "Inbox" and "Projects" and, "next actions" what i was really hoping for was a GUI that would include ALL of the elements of that main diagram that GTD constantly refers to. You know the one I mean, with the outer circle with the following elements (going clockwise from the top): "Someday/maybe list", "Read and review list", "delegate list", "waiting on list", "action to do as soon as possible list", "project support material" and "projects".

At least for someone just starting to use this system, that diagram is how we organize the concept, and it seems to me that processing the "Inbox" would be a lot easier if there was some easy way to move any item from the inbox into one of those elements taken from the diagram.

I haven't seen this issue raised by anyone else so perhaps the more experienced users of GTD are beyond that and simplify the process down to "inbox", "projects", and the contexts necessary to get these things done. For me, however, I am going to be struggling with what to do with things in the inbox that need to go in those other categories. Maybe I am taking David Allen's explanation too literally?

I would be glad to hear from others about this.
Not that it's necessarily the best way to do it, nor am I any sort of expert, but here's how I handle those things:

Someday/maybe: projects in OF, set to "on hold".
Read/review: this is a physical stack of stuff in my office, or a task in the "computer" context in OF if I need to review an electronic document.
Delegate list: I don't really have one of these, I either put a next action in the appropriate context (calls, computer, agenda) to hand the item off or I hand it off during processing my inboxes (physical and the OF one) if it'll take less than 2min.
Waiting for: this is a context in OF.
To do as soon as possible: action in OF in the appropriate context.
Projects: projects in OF.
Project support material: either a folder on the computer with the same name as the project or a physical folder labelled with the project name in my filing cabinet.

I suspect that's a fairly standard system: I'd be interested to see how others manage this too.
My system is the same as al_f's except that I keep my someday-maybe list as projects inside Someday-Maybe folders in OF with the folders marked inactive. I use On-Hold projects for projects that I've started but need to put on the backburner for awhile.

have the sumday meibe folder and it's not active.

I have a reading context. waiting context.

for project support, I basically use the kinkless desktop* I have a "Pending" folder on my desktop and that has aliases to all projects in the archives.

You can put a read and review folder in the pending too.

The original GTD system is pretty open ended so that you can adapt it to current tech and personal situations. In your weekly review, you can look at the problems with your system, what projects are stuck, why you don't like processing your email, etc. And figure out a solution. You prolly just need a new way of thinking, a new context or folder in omnifocus or a new folder in your file system. (an applescript i made to quickly add a text file to whatever folder you're currently viewing. It helps me a lot with quickly filing emails and other info)

* (read the comments for free icons and good tips)

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