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I'm very happy OF helps me everyday in my reviews and work.

As i was creating my recreation perspectives, i was wandering about the meaning of each default black and white images/logos of perspectives in the perspectives window.

Can you tell me more about it (with a complete list, e.g.; I'm already aware of 5 meanings by the Quick reference chart, ;)) ??

Thank you very much for your "indispensable" software (i'm a oop fan too) and your futur enlightments,

I tend to think those icons represent contexts better than they do perspectives, though of course that depends how you set up your perspectives.

I have no idea what each was meant to mean, though of course it's up to you what you want them to mean.

You can use any icon you want by the way, either by clicking "choose", or more easily by clicking the icon in the perspectives window, then pasting another icon onto it. I've copied several from folders and apps to use.
I've got many icons too, but i would like to know about it from the authors of OF because i've guessed the moon logo is for an @Night's perspective.

I don't really want to use this perspective but perhaps those unknows logos meanings will help me to be more productive.

I've learned GTD through GTD and Entourage PDF from D.ALLEN, but i don't really like to buy the bible book from D.ALLEN as i'm french (don't know about the worth of the traduction of it, and it makes me doubt about the course).

I wish i'll learn more (is less?) contexts from this forum, and from the OF's authors "philosophy".

But thank you anyway for your comment.

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We just put together some icons that represented some of our own perspectives, but might be flexible enough for people to use for their own purposes. They're a starting point, not a canonical list of recommended perspectives.

The alarm clock might be for the view you want first thing in the morning, or maybe things coming due soon. Or maybe you do a daily review over your morning coffee, so you use the mug for that perspective. The night icon might be for your end-of-day review (if you have one) or stuff to do when you're awake in the middle of the night with insomnia. Or maybe you're an astronomer and so that's your work perspective?
The guillotine's the one that interests me - who's perspective was that from??!! I'd have thought (hoped?) an executioner would have his work cut (pun intended) out for him already, so little use for OF?? ;)
It's for Due perspective as the quick reference chart shows it (it's a pdf on OF's webpage).

BTW, thank you, Lizard.
... I would like to suggest the omnifocus team that the canonical list could be presented in a future video like Perspectives 2 or something alike.

Or else, i guess i'm returning working with OF.

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Originally Posted by MacBerry View Post
The guillotine's the one that interests me - who's perspective was that from??!! I'd have thought (hoped?) an executioner would have his work cut (pun intended) out for him already, so little use for OF?? ;)
I use the guillotine for my Active Project Review perspective. It reminds me to limit the number of projects that I have active at one. (I constantly end up overcommitted.)

The guillotine and the mug are actually from the early days of OmniFocus development, before we had any dedicated perspective icons. For my perspectives I used some free icons by Cian Walsh, our iconist. Stylized versions of those two icons made it all the way into the final product. :)

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