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Thanks for the update. That is a great story and if true proof that some things are worth waiting for.

BZ's not so much the fact that it's taking "so long"- that I don't mind so's this feeling of being completely "in the dark" about a very general "when". ( bet y'all wished you'd NEVER posted anything about a target date, what with us hassling y'all night and day!) So, so sorry.....but the product is beyond belief wonderful....and I can hardly wait to get my hands (albeit weak and numb hands) on it!!
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
Cut us some slack. :-)
I think I already did that :)
Originally Posted by Brian View Post
When we ship, it's not going to be perfect, but holy crap, it feels like the best version of OmniFocus we've ever done. I'm sorry it's taking a little longer than we thought, but we really think it'll be worth it.
Brian you keep on saying that but please give us some details on why it is the best version that you have ever shipped and I agree with the rest of the people it doesn't really matter how long it takes as long as we know when and what. One thing that is a little surprising to me is that OG make task management software and project management software and they keep on being so off with the release date. Personally I am starting to think that OG is a lot further away from the final version of OF then they really want to admit, and that might be why we are not hearing any new updates.
Originally Posted by emck View Post
Brian you keep on saying that but please give us some details on why it is the best version that you have ever shipped and I agree with the rest of the people it doesn't really matter how long it takes as long as we know when and what.
We've been releasing software for 25 years now, and one of the things I've learned is that whatever information you give it's turned around and used against you (such as this 'end of June' date).

If one is working with a client, then we would always pick a safe date (for instance):
Omni Focus for ipad will be out in November
in this case they want to release it as soon as it's ready - predicting that really isn't really very easy - clearly it's 'nearly ready'.

Give the guys a break - why do you need to know 'when and what' - surely you can wait a week or two?

. . . . . . and by the way, I'm just as impatient as everyone else, I just would rather wait until it's right . . . and I can wait until then to know the features as well!

all the best
I think it's important to trust Omni. We've bought into them so far, let's trust that they are doing their best to balance giving us the best product they can the earliest they can. It is impossible to know how long it will take to solve a problem if they are still searching for a solution. Trust they are working their hardest and will deliver a finished product as soon as possible, even if they don't know when that exact moment of completion will be.
Ken just replied on the blog post...

After working on drop-and-drop reordering through the afternoon and evening it looks like it’s about half-way done, so I’m hoping we’ll have that wrapped up tomorrow. At that point I think we’ll be ready to declare code freeze, give QA some time to test code that isn’t changing on them every 20 minutes, and once they’ve had a chance to do that we’ll be ready to submit to the App Store.
Looks like we could see something next weekish.

Hopefully with it submitted they can start to publish some marketing materials.

I would just like to point out the obvious here. Had OG updated the iPhone version minimally to make it a universal version and pushed it out as quickly as possible, then the vast majority of people would have been placated, myself included. Then OG could take their sweet time coming out with an evolutionary version specifically for the iPad.
Oh, I just jailbroke my iPad and ran that utility to make the iPhone application look native, ozukira. It took all of five minutes.
ozukira - I tend not to agree. As far as iPhone OF functionality is concerned, I'm happy working with the pixelated version on iPad (and I generally hate that). What I need from the iPad version, as I think many people do, is ability to review stuff, and drag-drop e.g. from Inbox to projects.

I, for one, really appreciate all the updates from Omni regarding their development process and the fact that they *are* straightforward about the difficulties they encounter.
Speaking of, and being one of those originally disappointed with the looks of the UI in the 4-sec video, I really don't understand why people who were really unhappy with said UI are now unhappy that Omni seems to have taken on board those comments and has been working consistently on interface since originally planned release date. IMHO, this shows (again) a company that is more responsive than any other software company I know to user feedback.

I guess I'm also much more willing to "cut some slack" to OG because I'm very willing to believe that what they're working on is radically different form current implementations of the software. I would be much more disappointed with their missing a target date if it were for some very definable goal (e.g.: make software that does exactly this and that on existing platform).
My very positive experience with OmniGraffle iPad and the way it impacted my workflow influences this trust quite considerably.

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