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Omnifocus is one of the better app developers when it comes to communicating with their customers, but I'm probably gonna pass if they release another version to buy for each platform. The iPad app alone cost me 40 dollars and I don't think customers will react very well if/when they found out a new version will need to be repurchased one day.
Omni Group's apps are expensive, without a doubt. But man, as a company they are fantastic. They're smart, they understand customer interaction and communication, they have a fantastic UI designer and they have great customer service. I suspect that's where the premium dollars go.
2011 is almost over! To paraphrase Eddie Izzard:

Omnifocus 2 or death?

Omnifocus 2, please!
Originally Posted by apkawel View Post
2011 is almost over! To paraphrase Eddie Izzard:

Omnifocus 2 or death?

Omnifocus 2, please!
I know you guys are slow, and that your results are great, but you've been promising it for seven months. Give us a date, an update or something. OmniFocus is great and the iPad app is the best. The Mac app really is getting long in the tooth.
I sure hope we haven't been promising anything about the timing of OmniFocus 2! We haven't even decided yet whether the major overhaul of the user experience which we're currently working on will be called OmniFocus 2 or 1.x or something else. And we don't really know when it will ship.

I wish I knew exactly how long it will take to design and build what we're working on now. But even after something has shipped, it's very difficult to guess how long it took to create—so you can imagine how hard it is to guess before it's designed and built!

What I can say is that most major software updates usually take 24 months or longer, and what we're working on definitely counts as a major update. But we've also been working on this off and on for a while now, so while it's certainly not going to ship in 2011, I'm at least somewhat hopeful that it might ship before late 2013.
Originally Posted by mattilacken View Post
I bought omnifocus to my iPad, and I am currently testing omnifocus for Mac.
Should I buy and hope omnifocus 2 not coming tomorrow?
If Omnifocus 2 comes out in the next few months & omni doesn't let you upgrade for free then I will pay for it. That is how confident I am that there will not be a release. See to get an understanding of Omni's timeframe.

Note: I am not intending to criticize Omni (I used OO & OF everyday) but just pointing out that they work at glacial speeds compared to other software developers.
Originally Posted by kparsons View Post
Note: I am not intending to criticize Omni (I used OO & OF everyday) but just pointing out that they work at glacial speeds compared to other software developers.
I also feel pretty comfortable predicting that it won't come out in a few months, as a prediction I made months ago was that I would be surprised to see it by Dec. 25, 2011, long before Ken stated that it won't happen in 2011 :-)

I disagree that they work at glacial speeds, however; from what I can see, they moved quite quickly with the iPad apps they've delivered so far. It's true that releases may seem to be a long time in coming (and with the exception of those which must line up with an Apple product release, usually later than predicted), but they deliver a lot of software when they arrive. There's quite a bit of activity behind the scenes that we rarely see. I doubt Omni management would be willing to pay all of those staffers if they weren't busy doing something useful!
Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
I disagree that they work at glacial speeds ...
I agree. I didn't mean they weren't working or working really slow but simply that there is a "unique" time frame between major updates (hopefully implementing really useful changes/improvements). I'm still holding out for a change in the underlining feature (so it like every other program) in OO - then I will, honestly, be happy :)
I have to say I am more than a little disappointed.

First, a little history. I have been a long time GTD devotee, and have used OF since in was in beta. I bought a license on January 7, 2008, which I think was the day before it shipped. Although there have admittedly been numerous updates since then, that was nearly four years ago.

While I am happy not to have had to pay for numerous versions, and I understand that others might justifiably suggest that the current version is very different than the original and I should appreciate that Omni is giving so much in terms of updates without requesting payment, the fact is that I would more happily pony up for a version that had the features that already exist on my phone. It seems odd and somewhat unforgivable that the iphone version is significantly more advanced and frankly useful than the Mac version.

This is especially true, and I am especially frustrated by the lack of an updated OF because, as many have pointed out the strict GTD on which OF is predicated is, in my opinion, outdated. For most of the people who I suspect use OF (knowledge workers and the like) context in the world of laptops tablets and smart phones is less and less useful. I can do nearly everything I need to do nearly anywhere, and so in our brave new world my "phone" and "mac" contexts have essentially swallowed everything else. Accordingly, I am now slowly morphing my contexts to adapt, and now I am tinkering with things that I had, in good GTD fashion, moved away from, such as priority and Today lists, because they help me more now more than identifying what I can do with the present tools, because the tools I need are very nearly always with me. The problem is that my trusted system, OF, and in particular, OF on the Mac, while still very useful, is increasingly less useful, and has largely been relegated to my universal inbox, with the "work" portion being done on other devices. Knowing now that there is unlikely to be any relief on the horizon is frustrating.

I still think OF is the best of the bunch of these kinds of programs, but it is, to me, no longer the best app I have. Candidly, if it were not for the review function and spectacular quick add, I might be tempted to move on. For the moment, I expect to remain faithful, but my faith has been shaken.
Wdiadamo, I understand what you are saying in terms of contexts becoming less relevant now that about everybody has a smartphone in his pocket. Of course you can now do calls, send mails, read/write/edit documents/spreadsheets, dictate letters, check the web and much more on the go. That tells me that we need, as you say, to adjust our contexts.

What I wonder is what you would like OF to do about it. You already said you are using a today list. Nothing wrong with it, as a lawyer I highly depend on deadlines so I use a lot of due dates for things that HAVE to be done by a date. And I have a today perspective on all my devices that tells me each morning what I need to do today before I can do other stuff that's not time crucial. Provided, one can use the forecast view for that but I prefer to be able to assign tasks to a day even if their due date is not necessarily on that day. That is for the reason that sometimes I WANT to do it on a certain day but if I then for some reason do not manage to actually do it that day, the "holy" deadline still reminds me days later that I better get my ass in gear and hurry up on that task before it's too late.

I am not saying you are wrong about your observations/formulations of needs, I am merely wondering what you would ideally like to get from OF.

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