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I started this thread some time ago, asking about OF2. Then I bought OF, and I´m very, very satisfied with it.
Take your time, don´t hurry...I´m more than pleased with the current product..
The notion of context is just a tool to subdivide a big list of tasks into smaller ones, in order to make it easier to choose the next task to do. The notion of physical context as espoused by David Allen is one obvious way to use it, but it's not the only way!

Take a step back from your tasks and imagine that you had to divide up the list to delegate it all to a bunch of co-workers for the next few months. Is there a logical way to divide up the list? That might be a good starting point for a set of contexts.
Originally Posted by wdiadamo View Post
For most of the people who I suspect use OF (knowledge workers and the like) context in the world of laptops tablets and smart phones is less and less useful. I can do nearly everything I need to do nearly anywhere, and so in our brave new world my "phone" and "mac" contexts have essentially swallowed everything else.
Just in case it's helpful, a coworker's blog post which may be helpful: Slaying the Leviathan Context.
Strangely, the more I have the ability to do everything everywhere - the more I want richer division of contexts so that I don't try to do everything at once! :)
Originally Posted by Ken Case View Post
I sure hope we haven't been promising anything about the timing of OmniFocus 2! We haven't even decided yet whether the major overhaul of the user experience which we're currently working on will be called OmniFocus 2 or 1.x or something else. And we don't really know when it will ship.
I read this which seemed to suggest Omnifocus 2 was coming out this year:

Omni Group’s CEO Ken Case gave some details of the company’s roadmap for 2011 at Macworld Expo. The three key products seem to be OmniFocus 2 for Mac, coming later this year and highly inspired by the iPad app, a brand new OmniPlan with cloud sync and collaboration features, a version of OmniOutliner for iPad.
I am appreciative of the comments in response to my post, and the reason I have not yet answered is that Christian's post got me thinking about what I do want, and so I am doing a bit of hard thinking before I try to articulate it. I consider this to be an important question, and will try to address it soon and responsibly. Without trying to overstate it, I am thinking that there are some fundamental precepts of GTD that no longer work for me, and I need to consider, along the lines of the link Brian above suggested, as well as Kourosh Dini's thoughts, including . I'll let you know.
Sven posted a great article here on his fresh take on contexts you might find helpful.

Originally Posted by hwend View Post
Sven posted a great article here on his fresh take on contexts you might find helpful.
And for another perspective on contexts ...

Originally Posted by danielcompton View Post
I read this which seemed to suggest Omnifocus 2 was coming out this year:
Wow, interesting, it sure does seem to suggest that! But I'm pretty sure that's not what I would have said—particularly not calling it "OmniFocus 2" (since, again, we haven't even decided yet whether to call it that or something else). I believe I simply said we were busy working on some major updates to OmniFocus—much like I did in my “iPad or Bust” roadmap update in May:
We're planning some major updates to OmniFocus for Mac, polishing up its user experience to match the ease of use and aesthetics of the iPad edition, adding the Forecast and Review modes which we introduced in the iPad app, and adding support for syncing projects with OmniPlan.
Back in January I was hoping we'd finish this work before the end of the year, and it's possible I said something to that effect at Macworld. But as I noted at the beginning of my first “iPad or Bust” post, our plans change over time—so please don't rely on things happening according to any particular snapshot of those plans.

Our plans definitely did change quite a bit this year, bringing Forecast, Calendar Integration, and Location Reminders to the iPhone app (in v1.10, v1.11, and v1.12); Calendar Integration and Location Reminders to the iPad app (in v1.3 and v1.4); and support for the Omni Sync Server, Lion compatibility, and Lion Full Screen support to the Mac app (in v1.9, v1.9.1, v1.9.2, and v1.9.3). I'd love to have Forecast on the Mac right now, of course, but I have no regrets about any of the other things we ended up doing instead.

Last edited by Ken Case; 2011-10-16 at 05:58 PM.. Reason: clearer punctuation
Thanks for explaining, that makes a lot of sense. Hearing from the CEO explaining things is a neat thing to have with a company. Keep it up!

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