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I'm new to omnifocus and need some helping regarding printing. I have a folder for each deal I'm looking at and the projects in that folder tend top be the same for each deal. When I print the main folder that all of this is in (Busines Development), I'll see all the projects, but nothing to tell me which folder that project belongs to.
You might try using the View Bar to set the display to Group by Folder.

I also ran into the same wall that @jgravis mentions, but there is a big problem with using the Group my Folder solution.

I have 2 main folders with 3 sub-folders in each. Those folders each house projects and task lists. The folders and projects are sorted according to my own manual organization in the sidebar, which is reflected in the main outline as a default (when I am not applying any filters).

However, Group by Folder applies an additional sorting command to everything inside my folders, overriding the default I have created in my sidebar.

My folders are already sorted the way I want them, I would just like to be able to view and print the parent folder names in the main outline without altering anything else.
Originally Posted by nic_chas View Post
However, Group by Folder applies an additional sorting command to everything inside my folders, overriding the default I have created in my sidebar.
What is this additional sorting you are seeing? If you have set the view bar to group by folder, sort by unsorted, the only alteration will be that top-level projects (those not in a folder) will be at the bottom of the list, after all of the folders, but still in sidebar order, in my experience. Once you're inside a folder, individual projects will come first (again, in sidebar order), followed by folders. Does that present a problem for you, or are you seeing something else?
@whpalmer4 thanks for your reply.

I wonder if this is because I am using a third level of folders (2 below the main Library folder)?

When I set my view bar to the settings you describe, the sidebar is only reflected in my third-level folders, but not my 2nd-level folders.

-MAIN Folder
- Sub-folder folder
-SL project 1
-SL project 2
- MAIN FOLDER project 1
- MAIN FOLDER project 2

When I Group by Folder this is the result:

-MAIN Folder
- MAIN FOLDER project 1
- MAIN FOLDER project 2
- Sub-folder folder
-SL project 1
-SL project 2

Could this be the issue? All I want is to be able to view/print the parent folders in the main outline. I purposefully grouped my items into two levels of folders so that this would not happen, but I realize that this may not be an ideal scenario for OmniFocus. I appreciate any insight/feedback.
Nic, it may help for you to include some screenshots of your exact folder setup so we can figure out what's going on here.

You can take a screenshot by pressing command-shift-4, which will give you a selection cursor. Tap your Space key, click on the window you want to capture, and when you release the mouse the image will be saved to your desktop as 'Picture 1', 'Picture 2', etc.

You can then use the "insert image" button - yellow square, second rightmost in the post editor toolbar - to attach those screenshots.

(If you need to hide the project names, open the screenshot in Preview and use the "Add Rectangle" tool to obscure them - if the project/folder icons are visible, that'll give us enough info to look at your setup and see if we can determine what's going on.)

Unfortunately I can't provide a screenshot due to my confidentiality agreement. In the most simple terms, I would like to have my folder names visible in the main outline (for printing) without having to group them by folder. I want to keep everything "unsorted" but still be able to view my folder labels in my main outline.

As of now, this is not possible. With my settings as they are in the attached screenshot, the folder name bars are not present in my main outline for printing.

Group by folder is not a workable solution since in some instances my hierarchy includes both folders and projects at the same level, and so my main outline sequence changes once I group by folder.

I hope this makes sense? If not, I will try to find an interim solution and let you know if anything works out. I appreciate your time spent in helping me out! :)

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Thanks for checking back! I think I understand what you're asking for, but before I write up the feature request, I want to double-check. With the Ungrouped sort active in Project view, you want the name of any folder that a given project may be filed into to appear on the name line for that project, correct?

If that's correct, I'm pretty sure we have a feature request open on that - if you email a link to this thread to the support ninjas, we can get you added to that request in our development database or file a new one.

If that's not correct, maybe you can set up a "Test" folder with some fake folders and projects in it. If you then use the Focus command on that folder, your real/confidential data will be hidden so you can send some screenshots that illustrate the change you're after. Thanks very much!

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