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Hi Everyone!

I think everyone at OmniGroup is at MacWorld so I'll try posting here.

1. I'd like to use OmniFocus to list all my meetings at an upcoming trade show. In the Start Date or Due Date area, can I display the time in addition to the date? I realize OF is not a calendar, but these meetings are action items -- I have 14 meetings per day for 3 days so the time of each meeting is obviously critical. I'm using each day as a project. I guess I may have to use Entourage instead.

2. How can I keep all the folders open in the project view sidebar? No matter what I do before I quit when I open it again the folders are closed except for the project I last used.

3. Also in the sidebar, how can I sort projects within folders alphabetically other than manually adjusting them every time I add a new project?

Thank you.
For 1) The GTD purists will say that items with a specific time/date should go in the calendar, not OF.

For 3), I thinks it's manual for now.
1) I would use a calendar quite honestly. If there are tasks that you need to get done in order to attend the meeting, then a project for each meeting is good, with a due date of either the meeting time or that morning since you won't have time to finish them due to other meetings.

2) No idea, it annoys me too.

3) if you select the projects you want to sort, then have a look in Edit -> Sort
2) Either I'm misunderstanding you or this problem isn't appearing in my installation. If I expand several folders at varying levels in the sidebar and then quit the app, when I reopen it again, their states are preserved exactly as I left them. This seems exactly how it should work. Is this not what you're seeing?

For items 1 and 3, I'll defer to the very good comments already posted here.
cyleigh, thank you! Sorry for the dumb question, but in my defense, Omni hasn't released a manual yet.

Toadling, now the folders seem to be staying open, but that wasn't the case earlier. I'll see what happens after a restart tomorrow.

My latest issue is getting action items to sort by due date. It seems to only work in Context View, not in a Project, but I'm sure it's just me not knowing what to do.
We actually did post the manual: looks like we forgot to mention it here, though.

Interested parties can get the manual here.

<scurries off to make a new sticky post>
1. Group each meeting's tasks into a project and give a due date. That is the best you can do in the GTD Next Actions list. You should manually place the meeting times in a calendar. Due date or notes should be enough to link project with calendar event.

Having said that, OF is the Next Action list. GTD systems have three more parts:
Reference Filing

OF could become an In Basket rather than just a Next Action list by making it easier to move hard-scheduled events into iCal, and by having some sort of Tickler functionality. (Makes it easy to dump files/web pages into the basket by allowing the notes feature to link to files/web pages. Once dumped, you process and move the files/pages completely out of OF and into your reference system.)

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