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A passel of 5.9/6.0 feature requests Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
I'm not sure if this is in 5.8 and i've missed it, but i'd love a "Undo tab close"
Fix the atom in rss. biggest current bug in omniweb...
Originally Posted by PeeM View Post
Any news on 5.9 or 6.0?

When will we see new SneakyPeeks?
Yes, I for one would like to see a SP with the latest webkit, including the newer web inspector/debugger
Originally Posted by OmniGuy View Post

*click for full size*

Haven't worked on the toolbar yet…


• A new Leopard sidebar is a big improvement over the old drawer. It allows for more space for tabs. Also, resizing the sidebar is a lot easier since the whole window doesn't need to be manipulated; just pull the column horizontally.

• I'm crazy for maximum screen real estate so the status bar is now gone. Instead, whenever you mouse over links, a graphic overlay of the text appears near the bottom left of the screen. In the screenshot above you can see the full text link for a mouse over on the webpage (

All the little individual site icons i.e. Zoomed Editor, AutoFill Prefs, Load Images, Cookies, Available News Feeds, etc. that were on the bottom right of the status bar are now overlayed in the currently used tab with the website beneath blurred for easier reading.

• Mouse over tabs other than the currently used, now generate large previews of websites (Check out the third tab)

Quick and tidy download interface. The separate downloads window is annoying to me(although it should still be optional), so now it's located in the new sidebar. Everything is available to view in a single window and it can quickly pops up and hides unobtrusively.

• The little icons at the bottom of the new sidebar are(from left to right): New Tab, Graphical Tab View, List Tab View, Tab Actions, Show/Hide Downloads).

Whaddaya guys think of the sidebar?

edit: just thought about this :-p
Pulling the column bar all the way to left (hiding the vertical tabs) automatically creates horizontal tabs.
This. Is. Awesome.
Fine, but I still want an option for "conventional" tabs. I usually only have a couple open. I can remember what they are, I don't need to be looking at them, wasting screen real estate. That's why they're in tabs, so they can be out of sight.
Sounds good to me.

The Omni folks should accommodate both… as long as we get a new download interface that utilizes the main window instead of a separate one.
I think the biggest threat to OmniWeb is Google Chrome. As soon as it's available for Macs, power users are likely to switch to it in droves. Mainly because it'll probably feel much faster.

In my view, OmniWeb needs to skip 5.9 and go straight to 6.0, giving priority to a change in architecture along the lines of the multithread/multiprocess ideas in Chrome. This should give a huge improvement in responsiveness and perceived performance (particularly given the awful but unavoidable state of Flash on Macs).

Also, use the very latest WebKit javascript engine, for similar reasons.

I think that the combination of these vital changes with the current level of UI polish in OmniWeb (something that Chrome won't have) will keep OmniWeb being the best browser on the platform. Otherwise, it'll get beaten down by Chrome... :(
I disagree, at least with the current Chrome feature set. Sure, just like on Windows everyone will go Chrome-happy for a week or two but it will die down like it has there already.

Chrome is cool, but none of the added functionality of Omniweb, Safari with plugins, Firefox, or even Camino. No ad blocking, no site preferences, etc. etc.

Omniweb is already "beaten down". Face it, it's a marginal browser like iCab. It's never even mentioned in discussions of browsers. It just remains to be seen in Omni Group wants to get back in the game, or just provide lame maintenance releases such as 5.8. Considering how long 5.8 took, and how it's already way behind WebKit nightlies, I don't think it's a high priority for them.
Handycam, I think we do actually kind of agree. I was suggesting that OmniWeb keeps all its good UI and usage features, but uses a more Chrome-like architecture under the hood -- mainly to improve performance and stability.

OmniWeb is kind of the Mac power-user's browser. But it'll need more actual power if it wants to hold onto that spot.
Is it possible to have a "block flash content" in individual site preference?

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