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Originally Posted by ifonline View Post
I am obviously missing something... I mean, doesn't the giant text next to each icon give you enough of a clue as to what the category represents without colorizing the icons more?
Sure. The text is the saving grace here and it's fortunate they've left it nice and big. I think we'd all be lost without it.

What I'm saying is, why replace good icons which are distinct from one another with a series of low-constrast, same-shaped boxes? If you have to read the text to know what you're looking at, they're just decorations and you might as well get rid of them. (And "colorizing" isn't really the issue here -- it's a basic lack of contrast and shape distinction).

But as to your larger point, yes, it's still totally possible to navigate the app without good icons and this isn't a show-stopper. But if they're gonna be there, why not make them good, right?

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Originally Posted by avandelay View Post
But as to your larger point, yes, it's still totally possible to navigate the app without good icons and this isn't a show-stopper. But if they're gonna be there, why not make them good, right?
Okay... makes sense to me. Thanks.

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Obligatory love Omnifocus message :-)

A "feature" I've noticed with 1.7 on iOS4 is that since the advent of fast app switching, Omnifocus doesn't (obviously) do a fresh launch each time you
switch to it - that's the point.

However, as a consequence of this it doesn't always seem to recheck the start/due time of tasks when you open it and hence may show nothing
in Due when it ought to.

An easy fix for this is to manually terminate the app and restart it regularly but you have to remember to do that (maybe I should set a reminder in Omnifocus - DOH!)

This might only be apparent if you have tasks with a very close start/due date (like within the same day) - something I do a lot.

Is there a way to get local notifications without going through the calendar app? It seems that my alerts will not go off unless I set an alarm in omnifocus, save changes on the database, then close and open the calendar app to have the calendar recognize the alarm. I assumed local notifications would mean I wouldn't have to do anything but set the alarm in omnifocus and it would work. Going through all this rigamarol to set an alarm is a bit much. Hoping there is a shortcut. Is there?
You've got to do a sync to get the calendar written with the new information, and then the Calendar app needs to grab the new info. Depending on your settings for fetching new data in the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings, that might take a while, but it should really only be an issue if you are setting or changing due dates in the next few hours. Running with Fetch New Data set to Push and Fetch to Every 15 Minutes I get updates in a timely fashion, and for anything really close I would put on suspenders as well as a belt and use the Clock app to give me an additional alarm.

If you run iOS4 on your device, there's a new local notifications service that OmniFocus will use instead of the calendar-based approach. See the beginning of this thread for details.

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