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Tips on Recording Your Life? i.e. Exercise Log, Eating Habits, Reading Times, etc. Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

for the iPhone I found an App that lets you track almost anything on a daily bases. It is called "Daily Tracker" and it is not focused on a special area, because you can define all the values you would like to track. I use it to track my daily diet and weight, weekly body measurements and blood pressure, exercises with weights and repetitions and other stuff like health problems or the way I feel every day.

The great thing is that you can track all those different values in one app, instead having to install multiple apps for different aspects of your life. It generates statistics and you can export all the data in csv format or mail it to somebody.

You know, when I created this thread more than 3 months ago It was because I was having the most difficult time attempting to set up some sort of porject regarding eating healthier and exercising more.

With exercising, it came easier to create a "Health" folder holding all these types of projects...such as "lifting weights at the gym" "at home" "jogging" "Yoga" etc.

However 3 months later and im still having a real hard time trying to focus on my eating habits. For the life of me I just cant see how that project would look like. Having to eat daily multiple times with a snack time or two in there each day seems like a lot to keep track of, iono, i just dont know.

Julian, the app you suggested would perhaps be the closest i'm currently capable of thinking of utilizing in terms of keeping track of my eating habits... The only health apps I have on my iTouch are the "100 push-ups" program and the 200 sit-ups and 200 squats apps which i've been doing before I got the iPod Touch almost a month ago. Also enjoy using iFitness to see how to properly execute exercises but as for tracking what I do...i just dont know.

So far i've used the app which i just hated the interface, use and feel of have switched to DailyBurn's app which is okay, but im sure you need a WiFi connection to use.

If you Julian highly recommended that app you mentioned i'll go ahead and try it out. The main thing is I need to be able to track my eating, calories (preferably without having to put them in myself) cause I just cant think of any other way to focus on my eating in a GTD+OF+Productivity manner. I need to feel some sort of control on this cause if not i'm just gonna continue eating unhealthy.
When I don't want to track everything but focus on calories in an easy way, I prepare snacks of X calories on my kitchen scale during the weekend and eat them Y times everyday and try to keep every meal about Z calories (as I have a sense of calories after all those tracing now). This way I get 3*Z+Y*X calories everyday. Just arrange the numbers according to your needs and schedule.
I don't track exact calories and other exact values, because that seems to complicated for me. I just rate my meals on a scale from 1 to 6, how good it was compared to my standards. I also rate how good I felt this day, how much water I drunk and if I did some sports or not. That seems enough for me. I I had a more complicated system, I would stop collection the values after some time.
My routine involves calorie counting in Daily Count and anaerobic/aerobic/weight stats in iFitness. After logging new data, files are exported via email from each app to my Evernote address and instantly appear on the Evernote iPhone client. The idea is to log and keep aware of healthy habits until they become second nature.
There is an iPhone app called ReadMore. It tracks your stack of books to read, your reading progress, reading time, and creates what they call a "readinng diary".

It can export out a file that you can dump into your spreadsheet. Search for it in iTunes app store.
I've played around with an app called Daytum. Has an online interface and an iPhone app. It would fit well with what you're looking to track.
I find that tracking data on my phone seems to be the most reliable since I always have it with me.

For finances I track using Ixpenseit.
For tracking time, I used to use Toggl but lately I've been using aTimelogger. My roommate just wrote a long article how you can start tracking your time.

The key then is to put in your OF to review the data every now and then. For finances I usually do it per month whereas with my time I usually do it per week.

Everyone should try to track their time for a week and you'll be amazed how you really spend your time.
If you want to track down how much money you spend on fast food for example, I highly recommend a program called YNAB (You Need A Budget) can be found here.
Originally Posted by devastat View Post
If you want to track down how much money you spend on fast food for example, I highly recommend a program called YNAB (You Need A Budget) can be found here.
If i'm not mistaken I believe YNAB will not be supported when OSX Lion comes out this summer. I could be wrong, but remember hearing about it.

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