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Originally Posted by devastat View Post
NOTE! You have to flag items when you schedule them. Otherwise they won't appear into today list nor be seen in Schedule Perspective.
That's the missing piece! I can't believe I had never figured that out. What a relief! Thank you.
Originally Posted by wilsonng View Post
doh... you're right. I didn't really need remaining. I guess I had overlooked it because I usually have this Today context set to open in a new window with the toolbar and the left sidebar hidden. This gives me proper focus.

I'll be changing it now but it doesn't seem to affect anything really because I don't have the sidebar shown.

Thanks. :-D
No problem. I kept switching between both and couldn't find a difference :)
Originally Posted by gary View Post
No problem. I kept switching between both and couldn't find a difference :)
I looked at my sidebar. If I set Context filter to Remaining, it will show all contexts in the sidebar - including contexts that have no tasks in it.

If I set the Context filter to Active, it will show contexts that have at least 1 task in it.

I was thinking that it might be a good way of pruning contexts that I no longer need if I set it to Remaining.

I am yet another former user of Things. The folks over at CulturedCode are a nice bunch, but I couldn't continue to wait for a decent cloud synching solution to emerge. All in all, I'm quite happy with OmniFocus, and The Omni Group in general. You can just tell the folks here are serious about what they do, and are very knowledgeable to boot.

I've read GTD a few times, but I always fell off the wagon. Whether or not this had anything to do with the lack of motivation I had to use the system due to inept software is anyone's guess. I'd say it's about 50/50.

Purchasing OmniFocus has re-motivated me to want to commit to the GTD lifestyle. I just did my initial purge of all of my thoughts and things I had to do out of my mind and into OmniFocus, and I feel like a 10-pound weight has been lifted off my chest. That feeling alone is worth the price.

I hope I can stick with it this time around. I know that the quality of life that results from having all of those incomplete loops out of your head and onto "paper" is worth the dedication.

Is there anyone else out there like me that struggles to stick to their regimen? Or maybe you were that way in the past. What got you over your hump?

Hah, I feel like I just poured out my heart at an AA meeting.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys,

Welcome to the forums, Jeff!

From what I'd seen working with customers over the years, my biggest piece of advice would be to not try to completely overhaul your workflows all at once. It sounds great as a theory, but folks often forget that learning takes time and effort, especially at the start.

I see a lot of folks get frustrated and overwhelmed at this point. They wanted to be getting more done, but they tackle too much and feel like they're getting less done because they're trying to do too much at once.

Instead, I'd recommend you start by building the Capture habit - get things recorded so you don't have to worry about forgetting it. Gives you some stress release, and should be doable without reducing your overall productivity.

At the beginning, do a one-hour weekly review, organizing your info and marking off stuff you've completed. Then, once you get your feet under you, you can scale up the effort you spend on the "organize" and "do" steps, which is where you'll see the real productivity gains.

It's a bit like starting a new exercise regimen - there are benefits to be had, but you have to start gradually to get to the point where they become apparent.

Hope that helps! If you have more questions, fire away either here or in a new thread; we've got some very helpful folks here, for which I am eternally grateful. :-)
I agree with what Brian says. GTD isn't something that you pick up right away. I remembering being overzealous and trying to do all the steps at one time only to fall off the wagon.

Adopting the GTD system takes time. I took my cues from Zen To Done:

This version of GTD argues that you should get efficient at one part of the GTD system and then go to the next step.

For me, OmniFocus/GTD finally clicked in when I started doing the weekly review. During the weekly review, I prune my OmniFocus projects. Look for projects that can be deleted because they have been de-prioritized (either the time has passed that it is no longer relevant or I finally realized that this project is no longer important to me).

It's hard to trust your project/task list if you don't review it. By reviewing it every week, you'll be confident that your projects and tasks are still relevant today and there is no clutter in your life. Be vicious and go through your projects.

I tend to set new projects automatically to "On Hold" status in my Someday/Maybe folder. I already have enough active projects to keep me busy. During the weekly review, I'll go through my active projects and see which ones can be put back into Someday/Maybe. Then I'll look at my On Hold projects to see which ones I want to activate.

By placing many of my projects on hold (Someday/Maybe), I don't have to worry about seeing those project/tasks in my context view.

I've read GTD and I'm due to read it again, but I really like the idea of taking GTD one step at a time. I'm very intrigued by the idea of mastering the Capture habit first and I wanted to ask how everyone goes about doing that. I'm not so much concerned with whether you write things down on paper first. I'm curious how the inboxes or perspectives are set up. I think there could be a lot learned from seeing how everyone else has made OF work for them.
Devstat Welcome over to Omnifocus. There seems to be quite a few of us migrating from Things.

Is there a way you can post a screenshot of your TODAY perspective? I would love to see how this works.

Thought I would chime in here.

Devastat started a short synopsis within the Things forum as well about OmniFocus (hello Devastat!). So, for the sake of my own interest, I tried out OF over the weekend. Here's my 2c (copied over from the Things forum) ...

Things is a task management application with a focus on tasks as actions to be scheduled for time, filed in projects or areas, and tagged for filtering on various points of relevance. Its strongest features(*) are its consistent and generally intuitive user-interface; ease of entering, filing, filtering, and tagging actions, projects, or areas; flexibility to tag actions in various ways; and self-contained approaches to presenting views of the data base of actions.

OmniFocus is a task management application with a focus on projects that have actions to be set in context, sequenced in flow, scheduled for time, marked for duration, and flagged for importance. Its strongest features(*) are the ability to schedule sets of tasks for parallel, sequence, or one-step processing and the flexibility for how to store and view the data base of actions.

(*) - out of the box ... YMMV as you tweak the application

As a note in context of this thread, I have found that NOT using a diligent "Things" approach (that has Today, Next, .... lists) currently works better for me. I just keep a Next perspective. The ability to schedule start and due dates on actions, as well as the ability to set those actions to be sequential, parallel, or one-step for processing, has more than adequately pared down on what actions appear in this Next list, so that I have no real need to further sub-group actions explicitly in to a "Today" type list.
@thackett Hi thackett nice to see you here! Sorry i just noticed your post now. I will put on a screenshot of my Today perspective, do you mean the layout or the settings?

@DrJWWMac Good to see you here!

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