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OmniFocus and Mindmapping: much more than "That'd be nice"? Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Originally Posted by BevvyB View Post


But what I'm thinking is this - has anyone else here ditched the 'traditional' GTD style contexts and used context based more on the various kinds of hats you wear? At one point I was thinking of creating contexts based more on mood, but I think I can really see a value in having contexts related to the kind of person I'm at at any one time. 'This afternoon I'm only going to be a musician' seems to put me in a better frame of mind to tackle musician stuff, just as 'This morning I'm going to be a web designer' would. The idea of putting on a different hat seems to help me mentally adjust to the mode I have to be in, but may also really help me create some contexts that finally have some relevance, as opposed to 'computer, computer, computer'.

So just wondered if anyone had tried this approach, and if there were any other people who really didn't get along with contexts and had tried some radical new thinking to this. I know I'm not the only one thinking that contexts, as taught in GTD, just doesn't fit properly.
FYI. Interesting podcast on using contexts skillfully. May have some useful ideas:
My 2 cents:

I love Mind Mapping. Currently using the free XMind.
Seems to be a great mapping tool.

However, it would be great if Omni would have the option for exporting (or importing), data for mapping programs.

I don't think it would be a good idea to have mapping on a program like OmniFocus, but it would make sense on OmniPlan.

In the meantime, I find Mind Mapping an essential part of my process.
My method isn't entirely David Allen in the pure sense of GTD. I utilize parts of GTD on a daily basis, but I also use, Anthony Robbins RPM method which I personally find works better for me on a ultimate outcome, different level. GTD works for me on a daily task level.

Mind Mapping can work with GTD and Omni, but it doesn't need to be integrated per se. It would be nice if it could export and import at the least.

Another poster mentioned DevonTHINK, and I have to agree, that this is an amazing piece of software to utilize reference material and organize information. It also works with both GTD and RPM methods.
I'm also a longtime fan of mindmapping... Many aspects of planning projects and schedules seem much more intuitive to me using a mindmap rather than a sequential list. I've found a (low-tech) way to integrate Omnifocus and Xmind. It works pretty well for me.

Here's what I do... I track all my tasks in OF, and use Perspectives to generate a view of tasks to do Today. I refine the list using Flags, filtering it down to those items I really, truly want to do today. Once I've got that, I manually copy the tasks to Xmind -- where I can sort them into mindmap branches, however best suits my planning. (I sometimes sort into major contexts and "hats" -- but almost always end up sorting into the various time-blocks that constitute my day.)

Copying from OF to Xmind is quite simple--but there's a trick. Essentially, it's a mere matter of selecting the tasks in OF, copying, and pasting them into the desired location in Xmind (whatever branch I'd like). The wrinkle is this: in the current version of Xmind for Mac, pasting that way will not generate a separate branch for each task, but rather one single cell on a branch, with all the tasks in a single text block. The best workaround I've found is to do an intermediate step: before pasting into Xmind, I paste the tasks, unformatted, into a NeoOffice text document, then re-copy. Not sure precisely why, but the result is that when I now paste the list into Xmind, each task shows up on a separate branch (the way I want it).

This workflow is a lot less cumbersome than it sounds -- and lets me track tasks with the power of OF, yet move my scheduled tasks for a particular day (or week) around with ease. My left brain and right brain are on speaking terms again. =)
This thread reminds me of what I really would like to see with the Apple Slate (or Tablet, or whatever) - the ability to draw and organize with a omniGraffle like interface, linking things and ideas together then have them seamlessly added to omniFocus and OmniPlan to accomplish.

Of course, I would also like to have it work as a singular digital inbox, allowing me to capture all of my writings and notes, have it read my terrible handwriting and easily file everything to where it needs to be for both reference and execution.

I am hoping Omni is of a similar mindset, and Apple too. The above is what I need. The e-book, itunes, video thing should be the bonus, not the focus, in my opinion.

Ok, bringing this back to thread, it seems like OmniGraffle could be fairly easily adapted to mind mapping and integration between all Omni Apps needs to improve dramatically. I can't drag and drop content between Focus, Plan, and Outline? Ugh. Come on Omni, you are killing my workflow.

What we need is OmniWork in which their is seemless data transfer between all of the Omni applications. Oh, and perfect integration with the apple slate as the OmniInbox!
Before I go to far in investigating this, thought I'd see if there's anything new on this thread. I have previously been a user of various mind mapping tools, but I abandoned in favor of the ubiquity and wireless sych Omni gives me with Mac + iPhone. But now that I have an iPad, I'm really loving the ability to traverse maps, set up relationships, etc. The panacea would be to script perspectives into a mind map tool (and if I'm really being idealistic one that also syncs with a desktop tool).
I'd be a little leery of having mindmapping in OmniFocus, considering it hasn't been done well in Omnigraffle. I'd suggest just keeping mindmapping in a dedicated app and just make sure it has .OPML support so you can get your data out and into OF.

Here's my workflow in regards to mindmapping and GTD:

. Start with Mindmapping (iThoughts on iPad and/or Novamind desktop)--iThoughts exports native NM files --
. Get the entire scope, vision, and bifurcations out and on the page
. Create a branch of Next Steps
. Create a branch of Someday
. Create a branch of FollowUp
. Copy these branches
. Export to .OPML
. Import into Outliner
. Copy and Paste into my Projects in OF
. Rinse and Repeat as needed
I'd like to see MindJet (.mmap) compatibility.
I have had the same thoughts. I have used mind mapping software for about 15 years and done 1000's of maps. One observation personally, is that I always seemed to clean up my maps by having everything branch out to the right, which basically is a Hierarchical outline anyway. I have discovered that Omnigraffle has a feature where you can do rapid entry in outline view while simultaneously presenting the data in any combination of patterns and directions which is extremely close to a mind map. I'm thinking that with a little more training on the program and a dash of creativity, I may not ever need to use my mind mapping software again.

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