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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
What do you define as "very slow" in this case? I just set up a SwissDisk free account and set OmniFocus to use it. My database runs about 2.5 MB normally, and I've got a DSL line that runs about 4.8 Mb/s down 0.5 Mb/s up. Both MobileMe and SwissDisk seem limited by line speed.

Are you keeping your database pruned and compacted? If you have more than 150 zip files, you'll probably have an adverse effect on your sync performance.
On my 8MB down 1MB up line, syncing over MobileMe takes about 30 secs. Considering the size of the files I thought that was a bit long.
Originally Posted by Ol!ver View Post
On my 8MB down 1MB up line, syncing over MobileMe takes about 30 secs. Considering the size of the files I thought that was a bit long.
8 megabyte/s or 8 megabit/s?

The zip file count really does matter, both in the number of file operations that need to be done and how many transactions the sync code needs to rummage through to get everyone in sync. Even a smallish file can mean a lot of processing, and it isn't simply a matter of how long does it take to transmit the data from one end to the other. In any case, SwissDisk is free for the 50 MB size (plenty large for OF's needs) and easy to set up, so you can do a careful comparison for yourself, if you can devise a methodology. My guess is that there will not be a substantial difference.
Just followed the advice in this thread and tried SwissDisk. The free option is more than enough for my OmniFocus syncing needs. It works brilliantly, so much better than the Bonjour option I was using which was flakey, at least for me.

Thank you guys for this advice.

-- Robert
Well my experience is not so peachy. I was very happy with
but they were sold off. I tried swiss disk.

With one domain, for some reason I never received the confirmation email.
I sent in a note to support, and never received any response.

I created another account using another domain I own. I used a password
generator as I normally do (1password), and created the account and'
activated it. However on activation for some odd reason the process cleared
my clipboard and the login profile was not created in 1password.

Hence I looked on the site for a "FOrgot your password" to retrieve a missing password... there is no such option. :confused:. How about a password reset option? Not there! :( The management is supposed to be the lead developers on Ubuntu?? Well, I suppose I have been happy with fedora core, Debian, and have no use for yet another distribution so I can't comment on it, but if the support is a bad as, I suspect it is not very robust.

I could set up a simple webdev server on my dual Fios 20Mup/20M down,
or 100Mbs Up/Down Optimum online on my Juniper 5GS firewall DMZ, but
it seems easier to sync with an outside webdeb server for simply, tiny Omnifocus than have to put a hole in my firewall that don't exist except for IPSEC VPN connectivity.

Can anyone recommend a paid service other than I see all the accolades for here and my more recent experience is zero starts out of 5. Yes, I did want to try the free 50MB, but planned on upgrading to the 100mb at $3/mo. I am a believer that if you find a service useful, you should pay for it. I do so with freeware and shareware, but with I can't even get to the free trial. :mad:


Last edited by defilmj; 2009-10-18 at 05:47 PM..
Mark, I just successfully signed up for a free Swissdisk account in response to your posting. It took about 2 minutes from start to mounting the volume. Maybe your email provider is intercepting their messages? From what you've reported, and the experiences of myself and others, I don't see any more reason to believe the "unresponsive losers" hypothesis than the "overzealous spam filter" hypothesis as an explanation of your inability to communicate with them by email.

As for forgetting your password and not having the option to retrieve it, here's what it says on the customer support page:
Please note that we cannot give you your password. If you've forgotten it, you cannot access your storage space. As a last resort, you can request that we reset your password, so that you can login to your account. We can also erase and restore a new SwissDisk storage for you, but we can NOT retrieve your old files for you. Losing your password is as good as losing the combination to an unbreakable safe. There's nothing we can do to help you with this.
They provide encrypted storage, with an encryption key provided by you, so it's not too surprising that you can't get your data back if you lose your key...but from your description, you don't have any data to lose yet. Get your password reset and move on. I've had, and seen others have, difficulties of comparable magnitude with Omni and its products; surely you wouldn't suggest that we should have all immediately given up on them?

I have no affiliation with Swissdisk other than as an occasional user of their free service. It doesn't matter to me at all whether or not you use their service. I do think they may be getting an unfair swipe from you here.

I don't use 1passwd, but find that creating a password elsewhere (like Keychain Access), saving it in my secure password storage, and only then pasting it into the form to set up an account is a method less likely to result in being confronted with a password demand for which I don't have the correct answer.
I am only stating that MY interaction with support, which has yet to happen, was not as "speedy" or "excellent" as others have described.

Your statement is that "You shouldn't have a problem". Agreed. But if you do, based on my experience, don't expect help right away. It is not "speedy". As for excellent, well once/if I am contacted and my problem is resolved, I can comment on quality. I still have a few more domains
I own, I guess I can try another domain I own...

My main concern is what if you need some type of support?
I don't know my work flow can wait 48, 72, or more hours
for a response... :(

Last edited by defilmj; 2009-09-01 at 01:17 PM..
I upgraded to 1.7.1 from 1.6.1 today and can no longer sync via I get the following error:

Unable to perform WebDAV operation.

The server returned “internal server error” (500) in response to a request to “PROPFIND /myusername/OmniFocus.ofocus”.

The thing is, I can't connect via the web, either, I get the following error:

Server error!

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there was an error in a CGI script.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 500

Can anyone else access their swissdisk accounts?
Originally Posted by defilmj View Post
I am only stating that MY interaction with support, which has yet to happen, was not as "speedy" or "excellent" as others have described.
And not to put too fine a point on it, but we out here in forum land still don't know if the lack of return email is because they haven't sent any...
My main concern is what if you need some type of support?
I don't know my work flow can wait 48, 72, or more hours
for a response... :(
Uh, and if you have a problem with OmniFocus, what then? Do you have Ken's cell phone number? No one is answering the tech support phones on the weekend. Maybe you don't encounter bugs on Friday nights, but I think Brian and his ninjas can assure you that I do :)

My suggestion would be to make a practice of working on one device or another, such that you always have (at least) one with a complete, up-to-date copy of your data. Then if your service provider goes out, you can simply switch to Bonjour with a ad hoc wireless network, or a trial account with someone providing webDAV service, and regenerate your setup from the device that had the latest bits. If you make a couple of changes on one machine, some more on another, and yet others on the iPhone, all without syncing everything up, it will be more of a headache to jump ship either temporarily or permanently.
Originally Posted by Chris View Post

Can anyone else access their swissdisk accounts?
Yes, I was able to mount my account from the Finder, and to do a sync with OmniFocus. I'd send that support request in, rather than wait around to see if it goes away on its own. You can be the tie-breaker on the "good service/bad service" dispute :D
It's funny, because I'm home now (where I haven't upgraded OF), and I can access my account through the web. I'll have to see what the situation is at work tomorrow.

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