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Trouble pasting Chrome links/URLs [Known issue: see thread for workaround.] Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes

I'm having trouble pasting links from Chrome's address bar into omnifocus - both in the quickentry window and that main application.

For the quickentry window, if I try to paste the link, it just closes the notes field without entering the link.

For the main application, it creates a new action, with the link in the notes field of the new action. In this situation, I end up with one action that has a title and no notes, and one action with no title and notes containing the link. I can delete the original action and retype the title in the second action, but its tedious. There is no way I can find to paste two links into a single action, as the paste operation always creates a new action.

I can paste these links into every other application I try, including those inside a virtual machine

This is a hassle, as it means I cannot use both Chrome and Omnifocus - the use case is too common - pasting links into tasks. Safari works ok, but as a browser it's not a patch on Chrome.

I'm using Chrome 5.0.375.29 beta, and OS X 10.6.3 - cheers,

It looks like chrome uses a Rich Text field for their address bar - as far as I know, every other browser uses plain text for that field. (Presumably, this is so they can present the scheme portion of the URL in grey, while the rest of the address is in black.)

It looks like the pasting code gets confused by this. I'll file this as something we need to try and work around in the future. Thanks for letting us know about the problem!

It does look like OmniFocus' clipping feature handles content from the address bar in Chrome, though. You get the page title as the name of the action, with a link back to the page in the note field. Does that work for your purposes?

The "Clipping material from other applications" page in the help menu can help you set up the clipping feature if you aren't already using it. Happy to answer questions here as well, of course!
A common use case for me is to grab a url and want to add it to the note field of a new entry. On my macbook air, this isn't working correctly as using the Command-' key opens the note, but when i then paste with Command-v a new entry is created instead, but that has no entry although the note field does contain the url.

If I try the same from a quick entry window, then the url never gets pasted in, the note field just closes.

I have reinstalled OF, removed my preferences, but no change in this behavior. I don't see this behavior on my other Macs, however, so I'm wondering how to figure out what is causing this on the Air.

Running OS X 10.6.3

Product: OmniFocus-1.7.x
Tag: OmniFocus/1.7.5/GM-v77.41.7
Date: 2009-10-23 10:14:27 -0700
Builder: kc
Revision: 121031

Thanks for the update - that works well - cheers,

Are you by any chance grabbing these URLs from Google Chrome? You'll get that behavior there, but not if you grab the same URL from Safari, for example. There was another thread about this in the last day or so:
Yes, I was grabbing from Chrome. If I do the same in Safari, all is good. Thanks for pointing this out.
Merged and re-titled threads for easier search-ability.
Any updates here? Not being able to simply cut and paste a URL from Chrome is really painful.
I'm having the same issue with my Macbook Pro, using Chrome.

A simple workaround is to copy the link in Chrome the usual way (command+c) then use "Paste and Match Style" in Omni Focus (shift+option+command+v)

It's a little awkward for me since I never use that key combination, but at least it works (for me).

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