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Two requests:

1. Copy the row and column controls from Numbers, i.e. the little submenu that shows up when you hover over the first row or column in a Numbers file that gives you the option to add, remove, etc an item.

2. As much as I'd hate to think so, Omni might stop making Outliner some time in the future. What would I do with all my outlines then? It would be nice to have either an XML export option, with a published schema, or the ability to save an Outliner file with a plain text rather than binary XML file inside it.

The XML is just zipped to save disk space. Uncheck the "compress on disk" box in the "Advanced" tab of the Document inspector, resave, and you're good to go.
Is there, like in Word, a possiblility to set in the name of the hosting folder name in the Header of a Omni- document. I wish not the complete track, only the folder name, one level up. I can not find this, so I wish it will be soon.

And what is the difference between Document Name and Document Title?

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Thanks for the suggestion on the Universal Access global Zoom feature. You're right, these are under-appreciated features.

I tried it out, but it doesn't really do what I want. The issue is to have the text in a particular software program document zoomed ALL the time (not all the "stuff" on the screen for parts of the time). Also the text when zoomed using Universal Access is not very crisp.

InDesign does zoom, Nisus Writer Pro does zoom, heck OmniGraffle does zoom, etc. etc. So many apps do zoom. Then, of those that don't, some offer a "screen size" versus "print size" of text. That's also just fine.

If I understood Ken correctly (from a previous post), the only problem they have with implementing zoom is how some "non-text" things like QuickTime movies show up. I'd gladly live with the compromise of pretty crappy looking enlarged QT movies (which I embed every other year at the most), but having the text-ability to zoom (which I use every day).
Further, and in confirmation to some of the above here is my feature request list:

# Clones
Need to be able to create clones of items. The methodology I envisage is that for each item there may be one or more clones: each clone being a pointer to the original, so if any clone or the original is changed all are updated; if one or more clones are deleted the original and any other clones survive, if the original is deleted then all clones are deleted. Clones should be able to be visually identified as being clones by say a clone icon superimposed on their handle or by having a clone style or badge (see below).

# Multiple document windows (views)
It should be possible to have many windows open into a document so that it would be possible to have various items hoisted in their own windows.

# Find and Gather
There needs to be a new find tool, with say ⌥⌘F as the shortcut, whereby the results of the find are created as clones in a new window. This find also needs to be able to use regex and to be able to find based on named styles (at present it is not possible to find all instances of say the "Review" style without manually inspecting the whole outline). This find should be able to be run without destroying the results of any previous find by creating a new results window.

# Columns
Need to be able to set a column as hidden (not just zero width) so that when navigating across a row the cursor doesn't enter a hidden column.

Need to be able to filter the display based on column contents.

# Internal Links
Need to be able to click on and follow internal document links which should be styled as links. These links should survive HTML export.

# Collapse and Expand
Need to be able to expand and collapse the outline to each level. A ⌘-click on a row handle should expand/contract every other sibling in that view. Keyboard shortcuts ⌃⌘1 to ⌃⌘8 should expand/collapse the outline view to that level.

# Badges
It should be possible to add badges, or icons, to items to help in visually providing information as to their content or import.

Hoping for your consideration to this request
Johno's post sums up my hopes for OO4 perfectly.
"The XML is just zipped to save disk space. Uncheck the "compress on disk" box in the "Advanced" tab of the Document inspector, resave, and you're good to go."

Thank you. This puts my mind at ease about the future of all my many, many lists.


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