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Originally Posted by whpalmer4 View Post
Clean living and righteous thoughts, that's the secret :D
HA! Now why didn't I think of that? :p
So in the past, using my desktop as a webdav server (with dyndns) worked pretty well. So I set it up again a second ago, synced my desktop with it, no problems.

I deleted the app from my phone, rebooted, reinstalled it, and grabbed the sync settings from my Mac (shared them via pref's), and the phone synced to my Mac just fine. Took less than a minute to download the entire db and optimize it (over wifi, fwiw).

The odd thing is this: after this first sync, I have 190 zip files.

How can that be?

(18 projects, 226 actions)
I imagine you didn't do a File->Compact Database in the process...and you might have a pair of clients for the iPhone in the database now, though it shouldn't be too hard to work out which one to unregister from the last sync dates in the Show Clients display in the preferences. Your database won't compact if you have an old client that isn't syncing, so you'll want to have a look at that (OF will remind you if you don't).

Note that it is possible to have many more zip files than actions if you do a bunch of editing. Each time you make a change to a date, or the rank (position) of an action, or the project, or the context, or edit the name and/or note (and close the edit), you'll get another zip file. It doesn't appear to do any coalescing of changes to a given action, either, if they were done separately. And, if you create an action, edit it a few times, and then decide you don't need it and delete it, all the zip files created in the process stay there in the chain until the database is compacted.
Originally Posted by curt.clifton View Post
Could people post their reboot frequency and whether they are having long/short syncs?
I don't think there's a correlation between the rebooting frequency and long sync times: I reboot my iPhone every day, and I'm suffering from long sync times (> 60 seconds) nonetheless.
Originally Posted by chriswitt View Post
I sometimes wonder if it is simply mobileme that's the bottleneck here, but who knows.
Negative. I also tried and -- same results (sync duration > 60 seconds).
BTW, does it still make sense to 'report' this issue to the support ninjas (as various people have suggested)? After all it doesn't look like some individual problem... more like a bug, doesn't it?

Or were the ninjas able to solve the problem for someone?
It might be more important to report it to the ninjas if it is a bug. Without bug reports entered into the database by the ninjas, the developers won't have information on how widespread the problem is or what circumstances are necessary to reproduce the problem. Without a reproducible scenario it's impossible to fix a bug.

However, I'm not yet convinced that there is a bug here. My syncs are often annoyingly long, but after a long sync subsequent syncs are snappy. My long syncs always happen after a lot of activity on my desktop OF database.

So if rebooting the phone isn't an issue, here's another question for those with long sync times: If you have a long sync that you allow to run to completion, then you sync again without change the database, is the second sync fast?

Also, from the desktop Sync preferences, are all your listed clients legitimate ones?

(I do think there may be a bug here, and I'm not discounting how annoying the long sync and long optimization times are. I'm really just trying to discover a common theme so Omni can reproduce it and fix it.)


I'm not seeing that behavior. Even after a long sync, the following syncs are not necessarily shorter.

I contacted the Ninjas and they had me sync all clients up (2 computers, 1 iPhone), then go into my desktop client sync preferences and "Unregister" all clients. Then they had me do a sync from my desktop client, which would coalesce my database down to 1 zip file. Then sync all other clients.

I did that yesterday afternoon, and my sync time improved dramatically.

However, I just had another sync that was over 2 minutes on my iPhone, and I'm now up to 55 zip files. This sync was one of those that locked up OF during the sync as well.

I'm wondering if there is some kind of bug going on with the automatic coalescing that OF is supposed to do (remember when we used to have to run that coalesce script?).

And to answer your questions, yes all of my registered clients are legitimate and they all run all the time so that they always stay in sync and my database stays as small as possible (theoretically).
I have the exact same issue with long syncs. Frankly, it has made an excellent application unusable for me. My first sync of the day takes a minimum of 60 seconds and up to several minutes (longest sync took more than five minutes), even if I have made no changes to the desktop app in the meantime (in other words, even it's not syncing new information). Subsequent sync times can be much shorter, unless I exit the app on my iPhone for several hours and then I get the long sync time again (and again, even if no additional information has been added to the desktop app in the meantime). I know from talking to others that this isn't an isolated issue; lots of people have these long sync times. To be honest, I assumed this was just a problem for everyone (and have been re-installing the app to see if updates solve the issue, to no avail) so I'm surprised to read here that some people have reliably short syncs of less than 10 seconds. It would be very interesting to figure out why, because I'd really love to use this app if it synced in less than ten seconds. I think 10 seconds is reasonable; several minutes is not.
Originally Posted by beharkey View Post
However, I just had another sync that was over 2 minutes on my iPhone, and I'm now up to 55 zip files. This sync was one of those that locked up OF during the sync as well.
It sounds like you're running into the sync integration bug I mentioned earlier in this thread, where OmniFocus is processing and saving changes independently (recalculating which projects are active/inactive, tasks are blocked, etc.) rather than as one big group.

We're trying to fix this for the next release.

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