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Looks like OmniFocus will get into the TOP5 tools list on my Mac.
As I work on different macs I sync all items through .Mac sync. My favourite tools e.g. Yojimbo or Transmit fully integrate into the .Mac built in sync mechanism.

As OmniFocus represents also one database per user on a Mac, I would also love to see the same sync mechanism there.

Heartily agree!
Has to happen in this mobile world or Omnifocus will loose the majority of us who exist in more than one cyber world.:eek:
I would really like to have this functionality.
This is a real deal breaker feature for me.

I'm really enjoying Omnifocus, and for the first time I've continued using a productivity management software for more than a week.

I'm using Omnifocus at work and at home on my desktop and laptop, and in the two weeks I've been using it I now have 3 horrible out-of-sync databases and I have to manually check I've put everything in each one.

I've tried the iDisk syncing suggested in the forums and it just doesn't work as well as Yojimbo's .Mac syncing.

Does anyone know whether proper .Mac syncing is on the roadmap?
If so you can have my money now!


/ Hami
Syncing will happen, but not for 1.0 -- First we want to work well on _one_ computer. We all definitely want syncing at Omni. I've got my Omni desktop, home desktop, laptop and my iPhone... so yeah. =)
CTO, The Omni Group
Originally Posted by Tim Wood View Post
Syncing will happen, but not for 1.0 -- First we want to work well on _one_ computer. We all definitely want syncing at Omni. I've got my Omni desktop, home desktop, laptop and my iPhone... so yeah. =)
Heh Tim:

Thanks for the information about .Mac sync. I'm somewhat of a neophyte but is there a simple way to maintain OmniFocus on both a desktop machine and on a laptop? Could you explain a way in which the database for OF could be shared or transferred between a laptop and a desktop Mac? That would answer some of my needs. TIA!

Use a USB thumbdrive:

Assuming computer A is where your OmniFocus database is now, here's how you'd set it up:
1) Mount the USB thumbdrive on computer A.
2) On computer A, open OmniFocus, then the General tab of the Preferences.
3) In the Database section, click the "Move..." button and browse to somewhere on the USB drive.
4) Quit OmniFocus
5) Rename that OmniFocus.ofocus file that just got created on your USB drive to something else like "OmniFocus-real.ofocus"
6) Repeat steps 1-4 on computer B.
7) Rename the new OmniFocus.ofocus file to something else like "OmniFocus-fake.ofocus"
8) Rename the first OmniFocus.ofocus file from "OmniFocus-real.ofocus" back to "OmniFocus.ofocus".
9) Launch OmniFocus from the Finder or the Dock and make sure that it's looking at the correct database. Then you can safely delete "OmniFocus-fake.ofocus".
10) Now just make sure to quit OmniFocus and eject your USB drive every time you go from one computer to the other.
Has anyone tried doing this with a mounted idisk? I'm going to try it a little later on, as I'm just joining the OmniFocus Fan club!

I have to agree with this thread that a .mac sync should be high on the priority list!
I'd like to add my "me too": easy syncing between multiple macs is the most important feature for me. I work at the office and at home, with neither being my "main Mac." Omni's software is so good that if they nail this particular function they'll be the only project management game in town from my point of view.

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