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This is fantastic, thank you for sharing!

I was stuck in the windows world because of my work. Now I can easily introduce task in OF from my PC and see them in my iDevices!

GrumpyDave just sold me the complete OF package (Mac, iPhone and iPad)! I was using toodledo.

BTW, Im from Portugal.

Thank you for this amazing tool. I, too, was a Toodledo user, since I'm stuck on a Windows machine at work. This has me 100% using OmniFocus now. I also wrote about it on my blog.
I'm using this with Hazel, but I'm not having any luck getting it to work the way it is intended to work (automatically/behind the scenes). I set up Hazel to watch my Dropbox folder that receives the tasks, and I set it up to run the script on any file in the watched folder, but the script will not run on its own. If I manually run the rules in Hazel on the folder, all of my tasks are added to OmniFocus, but only when I do this manual run. Has anyone else run into this? Is it something with the throttling?

By the way, I did try to set up as a folder action only, but I kept getting errors about Yojimbo not being installed (I don't have it), but when I run it in Hazel, no errors are shown. Also, I did have to comment out the UTF-8 line to get it to run.

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well... this is quite nice, but as i understood it it's only working with OF for Mac, right? Not with the iPad-Version itself? I personally dont have a Mac but using OF at the iPad atm and it would be great to add tasks from my PC...
Hi jaemie, I'm currently using this script with Hazel too. I don't have any issues like you though. But I remember when I was trying to use folder actions, I also got some errors about Yojimbo not being installed. I simply downloaded Yojimbo from their website, put it in my Applications folder and the errors went away. I don't think I've ever even opened the app.
Sorry, I didn't see these messages earlier. Apparently I don't get an email anymore when someone replies in this thread.

Jaemie, not to pass the buck but what you describe sounds like a Hazel issue. If it works when you run the rules manually but it doesn't automatically then I think Hazel has a problem.

hubutz, I don't think this kind of automation is even possible on the iPad.

For those who don't have Yojimbo you can open the applescript with the Applescript Editor and remove the references to Yojimbo. Find the block of code that looks like this:

on Add2Yojimbo(_type, _name, _URL, _note)

     ...lots of lines here...

end Add2Yojimbo
Delete all the lines between those two lines and add one that just does a return. When you're done it would look like this:

on Add2Yojimbo(_type, _name, _URL, _note)
end Add2Yojimbo
Then save the file and proceed with setting it up as folder action script.

I don't know if I'll be adding any more features to this tool. I'm unhappy with the direction Apple is taking OSX these days and I'm actively looking at other platforms. That and I've lost the battle with the Omnifocus UI and stopped using it some time ago. I will try to help anyone if I can though.
Originally Posted by GrumpyDave View Post
I'm unhappy with the direction Apple is taking OSX these days and I'm actively looking at other platforms. That and I've lost the battle with the Omnifocus UI and stopped using it some time ago.
FWIW I mainly use OF for light management of document-based projects now a kind of front end for DEVONthink, which is the main thing that keeps me booting OS X for the moment.

My attention was recently drawn to this interesting interview (on software/hardware choices) with Ethan Schoonover, who initiated the OmniFocus project.

( He has now moved for most purposes to Arch Linux, retaining an OS X booting capacity mainly for the Adobe suite )

It seems to me that Apple Inc. and its shareholders have taken the view that the consumption-platform business concentrates capital faster than the work-horse platform business. Hence the progressive iOssification of OS X.

Inevitable ? Perhaps the future of work is generally more with open source, and the future of play (or at least the digital grazing component of play) with commercially-based consumer platforms, like iOSX

An interesting interview. Thanks.

Not to go too far off topic, but my dissatisfaction with Apple goes well beyond just the iOSification of OSX and the counterproductive changes that comes with it.

I'm unhappy with the extremely flawed MAS, the increasing tendency to obsolete their own hardware every couple years as if they were disposable iPhones, and their lack of a road map or support for anything less than the absolute latest version.

These are business practices that I simply don't care to support anymore. Unfortunately, it's hard to argue that they need to change when the money keeps rolling in by the truck load. About all I can do is leave.

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