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Carrying your GTD system with you Thread Tools Search this Thread Display Modes
Something the paper versions of GTD do really well, when compared with others, is portability.

How will this be addressed in OmniFocus?

To me, portability means a number of things:
  • I don't have a computer, but maybe a Blackberry
  • I am at a location where there is one of my computers (my office mac vs my home mac)
  • I have a computer, but it's not mine

How will this be addressed in OmniFocus? I know this is pointing out a problem, more than a solution. But that's why you guys get the big bucks :-)

Last edited by samaparicio; 2006-10-15 at 07:30 PM..
The app needs to be compact enough to run on a memory stick. That way you can carry the app and your working files with you and run it wherever you are. If that was combined with a Windows based viewer you could review your GTD system anywhere.

Syncing with Palm and iSync would be good enough for me.

Palm sync would be great. Also .Mac or other equivalent sync. Both could be done possibly via iCal.

And then a a neato print option or two...
I second the motion for Palm syncing. In fact, without it I wouldn't be able to use the software. I've always been disapointed that OmniOutliner never aquired a conduit...with so many Treo users it seems the market would be ripe for getting back into Palm conduits and software.:D

I'd also like to see these features:

-recurring todos
-daily notes feature to keep track of daily events in an unstructured manner
-very flexible alarms such as Daylite has
-good printing...especially for envelopes.

More later ;)
I want OmniFu to shoot printed index cards of contexual actions at me if it looks like i might try and escape out the door. No need to have O.F. fold the cards into throwing stars in 1.0... that can wait untill 1.5 or 2.0. Conduits are cool in a BORG way... I'm holding out for the vaporous iPhone... don't know how much longer I can wait.

Aren't ya'll working with the Steve on iFoneFu?

Last edited by Nomad; 2006-10-19 at 12:58 PM..
PDAs are just too huge and I hate to carry them around. I'd much rather see support for something like PocketMod, where my daily GTD tasks, calendar, etc. could be printed out and folded up like a little book (with room to right down new tasks).

If you haven't looked at PocketMod do so...
Pocket mod is THE thing that that I have been looking for. To the point that if OmniFu (for that be its name) doesn't have an automatic function that prints to PocketMod, I would probably not buy it.

Actually, Omni and I both know that is a lie, but... please, please, please make it print to PocketMod format. It is truly wonderful.
Just as long as the print outs look good and are configurable I am cool. I mean, I would like the option of having some things print out in a portable formatn (pocket mod, hipster, etc.) but the first step is just that it is readable.
Another vote for a PocketMod printing system. There is one that already does it, that I know of, and that is ThinkingRock. I'd probably be *using* ThinkingRock if it wasn't for its dramatic lack of support for recurring actions.

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