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When I run 5.5b1, the first couple of pages I view are really zippy; then (on my Macbook), suddenly anything I do causes a spinning rainbow cursor for a minute or so. Click on a menu; Cmd-L to bring up the address box; click a link. It doesn't matter what I do; the app freezes for a minute or so and then zips off to do its thing as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, accessing the same sites, clicking the same links, in Firefox, and everything works fine.

Oddly, I'm seeing just the same problems with Safari. So I'm wondering if, since they share use of webkit, that something is amiss with webkit on an Intel laptop.

Has anyone else seen a problem like this? A quick scan of the last couple of days of posts does not seem to indicate anyone else has this problem.

And...until yesterday, Safari was working fine for me. Until I downloaded the Omniweb beta, that is...
What page is it doing this on?
I've noticed a similar problem on my desktop (a G4/1.4 Sawtooth with 1.25 GB RAM). For instance, while middle-clicking links on MacInTouch to open them in the background, I will often get the SPOD for 15 to 30 seconds, then normal. This especially happens when I go through the list of reader reports near the beginning, where I'm opening four or five links within a few seconds of each other. This wasn't a problem with SP17. I've not seen the problem on my PB (a G4/1.33 Al with 1.25 GB RAM), however.

Of note, to get the OW upgrade on my desktop, I was sort of forced to also upgrade from 10.4.6 to 10.4.7 and to apply the latest QT update. Don't know if these have anything to do with it.

BTW, are these forum editing fields painfully slow for anyone else?
Bob, check your CPU usage and I'm guessing OW is way up there. It does that to me on occasion and the input boxes get very slow to type in.

What links is OW opening in the background?
Originally Posted by Forrest
Bob, check your CPU usage and I'm guessing OW is way up there. It does that to me on occasion and the input boxes get very slow to type in.
I happened to check when I wrote that, and CPU usage was consistently hanging out around 50-75%. Right now, it's bouncing back and forth between <5% and up to 85%. As I type this, it goes fine then pauses, perhaps when it's going crazy with the CPU.

What links is OW opening in the background?
Nothing is actively opening. My single window has 69 tabs open. The vast majority of those are static pages, with no Flash content or anything. There was one page that had a big Flash area, but I told OW to stop playing it. I guess there could still be a small Flash ad or two lurking somewhere, but I know for sure there are no videos or sounds. Also, I've not viewed 90% of those tabs since my last browser restart, and I believe b1 still doesn't load plug-in content in the background (a bug which I've grown to regard as a nice feature in many cases). The network activity window showed nothing when I checked, and there's nothing downloading. I don't really know what OW is doing. Perhaps some of those tabs are periodically reloading themselves (a behavior which I'm still hoping the Omni folks will let me put an end to in the near future).

Sometime I might aim the dev tools at it on my desktop to see if I can shine any light on the behavior.
My system:

PM G5 Dual 2.3 GHz, 4.5 GB RAM, Mac OS X 10.4.7
Logitech MX700 wireless mouse with latest version (LCC20) of Logitech Control Center (LCC).

I see this in situations like:

1.*Using the Back button to return to a list of topics on the Apple Discussions, e.g.

after reviewing a given topic. For example, go to that page, select a topic, click back to return to that page.

2. Logging in to the Omni forums: short beach ball (spinning wait cursor) between screen confirming I'm logged-in and the presentation of the Forums home.

3. Most of the time I'm seeing the beach ball when using the Back and Forward buttons.

4. However, I've also seen the beach ball appear while OW is loading simple pages, like Apple's KB search ( in a new browser window. When loading or reloading this page, Activity Monitor shows OW %CPU go from 10-12% up to 31% then 106.5% (beach ball) then back to 10%.

5. I've seen OW %CPU temporarily jump over 100% when loading these pages:

or when using the Back/Forward keys to navigate between them.

For example, display the Filemaker page, then the Palm page, then go back to the FileMaker page, then Forward to the Palm page. Clicking Forward may result in a quick beach ball, then the Palm page loads quickly, but them move the mouse pointer over it or try to use the scroll wheel and the beach ball appears for a few seconds.

6. My PM G5 is very lightly-loaded and only two browser windows are open: one with one page displayed, a second with four loaded tabs. Flash is turned off, no animated or other high-bandwidth/resource content, virtually all advertising filtered.

Pages in view:

Browser Window 1: Yahoo Finance list of stock quotes.

Browser Window 2: Has four tabs:

- Google
- Apple KB Search (
- A list of my 100 recent posts on Apple KB search
- Apple's "Using Tiger" Discussion (

These two windows are part of a workspace.

The beach balls are a bit annoying, considering that I'd not seen this behavior with my workspace in OW 5.1.3, same mouse, version of LCC, etc.

;-) Doc

Last edited by Dr. Smoke; 2006-07-23 at 02:50 AM..
I'm noticing that activities which never caused the spinning wait cursor (beach ball) under 5.1.3 continue to cause this under 5.5 b1:

• A page is loading. In the background, I have another open page. If I click the Close (red) button on the background page while the other page is loading, OW beach-balls until the page that is loading has loaded, then the background page closes.

• In 5.1.3 I could reload a page in a tab, then switch to another tab in that same browser window while the page was loading. The switch would happen immediately while the other tab kept reloading. Now, clicking the tab to which I want to switch results in beach ball and that tab does not gain focus until after the tab that was reloading completes the reload.

As I continue to find new ways for 5.5b1 to beach ball, I'll add them here.
A further update: this problem appears to have "resolved itself" after again removing the OW cache files and restarting.

Before installing 5.5b1, I had:

• Closed all browser windows in 5.1.3.

• Flushed the OW cache (via the Command-Option-U keyboard shortcut),

• Quit OW.

•*Backed-up all the relevant OW preferences and related files to an external drive.

• Replaced 5.1.3 with 5.5b1.

I checked to be sure the new OW 5.5 b1 would launch as a Login Item at my next restart. I then restarted the Mac in Safe Mode as I had some backup work I wanted to perform in that mode. When the backup work was completed, I restarted normally.

It was after the normal restart and first launch of OW 5.5.b1 that I started to see the beach balls with 5.5b1. I'm wondering if some OW cache, e.g. the one in /private/tmp, wasn't cleared when flushing the cache under 5.1.3 and led to the issue.

To "resolve" the problem, I:

• Closed all OW 5.5b1 browser windows.

• Flushed the OW cache via Command-Option-U.

• Quit all running applications.

• Repaired Disk Permissions (no issues found and I didn't expect any effect from this).

• Restarted the Mac.

Not sure what was amiss: I probably should have checked Console logs as well to see if there was anything noted concerning the beach balls, but since they're gone now, and OW's VM usage is now higher than when the problem previously occurred, I'm temporarily chalk this up to "gremlins." ;-)

Last edited by Dr. Smoke; 2006-07-24 at 02:58 PM..
I asked what pages you were opening so we might be able to find one that we could test with and see if we have the same issue.

IME, 99.9% of the pages I have problems with are not the culprit. Typically there's one page that loads and everything is downhill from there. One being the x-cart manual

It's typically javascript related, IME. So the trick is to figure out what page started it.
I just grabbed a fix from WebKit for a javascript bug ( that ought to help with the slowdowns you have been seeing as well as 1/3 of our crash reports and our memory usage.

The problem was that javascript can start up timed events and they never stop if you close the window (or possibly when browsing to a new page either) thus keeping the DOM objects around (affecting memory) and slowing down the application using unnecessary CPU time.

I am especially happy since I also reported the bug in the first place. :)

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